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All The Clues That Suggest Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Could Be Having A Girl

Over the weekend, Serena Williams may have accidentally dropped a hint about the sex of Baby Sussex, and now royal watchers are fully invested in whether Meghan Markle is having a girl or not. The answer will be revealed in a matter of weeks, as Prince Harry and Markle have not shared this detail yet, but until then, let’s take a look at a few clues we might have about whether the newest royal will be a Diana or Victoria, or a Philip or Arthur.

There’s no denying that Williams’ comment seems to be a big clue. As the tennis pro told E! News, “My friend is pregnant and she’s like, ‘Oh, my kid’s gonna do this,” and I just looked at her and I was like, ‘No, she’s not.’” Did you catch that? "...she's"?

Also, since Williams recently saw Markle at the baby shower that was thrown in New York City for the duchess, according to Harper's Bazaar, could she be the friend that Williams "looked at" when she made that comment? Quite possibly. Check one for a girl.

There’s also a comment that came from Prince Harry in October 2018 when he and Markle were on their royal tour in Australia. According to Marie Claire, one fan shouted to the prince as he walked by, saying “I hope it’s a girl!” And Prince Harry responded, “So do I!”

The couple has been coy about whether they know the sex of the baby, but that statement sounds like it could very well be a clue. At this point in October of last year, Markle was likely past her first trimester, so it's possible they had learned their baby's sex — or it's also very likely that Prince Harry was just playing along.

Oddsmakers in Great Britain have been busy with people betting on the sex of the baby and it just might provide another clue. According to Hello! Magazine, a rash of high-dollar bets led them to cut down the odds on the sex being female. Oddsmakers had wondered if someone who had inside information had let something slip, and betters were trying to cash in on the knowledge, as a spokesperson told Hello! Magazine: “We’ve had a four-figure bet on the baby being a girl. Which is a really big bet for what we call a novelty market.”

Getting back to that baby shower for a moment, there could have been a reveal in the look of the whole event. It’s not unusual for baby shower décor to reflect the sex of an unborn child, and Markle’s was all done up in pink. The Daily Mail reported that pink long-stem roses and a cotton candy machine (associated with the fluffy pink confection) were seen coming into the venue where the shower was held.

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Of course, there is also the possibility that the couple are abiding by royal tradition and not finding out the sex of the baby until he or she is born. Royal expert Victoria Arbiter, writing for Honey.nine.au, said that in Britain, “…there’s a belief that there are so few surprises left in life why not save the biggest one for the moment a child is born.”

Still, it’s fun to imagine that this not-so-traditional royal couple perhaps has been playing with us all along. What will the baby be? It doesn’t really matter, Baby Sussex will be wholly loved.