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Naked Bungee Jumping On 'The Bachelorette' Was Terrifying In More Ways Than One

The Bachelorette is known for featuring unexpected one-on-one and group dates. Whether the dates include trekking to a hot tub in the middle of a snow covered forest or skydiving, someone in The Bachelor franchise has done it. And Monday night on The Bachelorette, Hannah and Garrett went naked bungee jumping, which totally seems like a normal thing in Bachelor Nation at this point. But is naked bungee jumping a Latvian thing? The Bachelorette traveled to Latvia this week and Hannah fully embraced the new experience.

It might not seem like something you would find as a first date activity in any given city or even country, but naked bungee jumping isn't strictly a Latvian thing. The Kawarau Bridge Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand offers nude bungee jumping too if that's your thing. However, going nude is completely optional and you can take the leap fully clothed if that's more your style.

Even though naked bungee jumping isn't just a Latvian thing, however, the country has been in the headlines before for the date idea of a lifetime. In 2014, The Telegraph reported that nine semi-nude couples had taken the bungee leap in honor of Valentine's Day in below-zero temperatures. I'm still not sure if I could ever bring myself to do it, even in the name of love, but more power to Hannah for being down for anything.

According to Hannah, naked bungee jumping itself is Latvian tradition. While it's hard to say if the activity is a tradition across the country, it does seem to be a popular thing for couples to do, especially during the colder months. Naturally, Hannah embraced the romantic tradition when she found herself on a one-on-one in Latvia on The Bachelorette.

If naked bungee jumping in Latvia is a standard tradition, it isn't the only one dedicated to feeling as free an uninhibited as possible. The official Latvia travel website describes the yearly summer solstice celebration of Jāņi or Liigo as an outdoor celebration that takes place all day and night and sometimes includes couples sneaking off the woods to have alone time together outside.

It wouldn't be all that surprising if naked bungee jumping is another Latvian tradition, especially since this tradition seems to be about feeling free and open outdoors. And in a YouTube video of one of these celebrations, you can see people getting naked together while dancing around a bonfire.

Going on a bungee jumping date on The Bachelorette would have been a special enough date and from where Hannah stood, it was more than enough to bring her and Garrett closer together. Little did she know that it was *naked* bungee jumping, but despite being totally freaked out about the very idea of doing that on national TV, Hannah went through with it and you have to love her for that.

Still, naked bungee jumping isn't the most outrageous date in Bachelor Nation history. In The Bachelor Season 16, the contestants went skiing in bikinis on one group date. And during a date on Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette, she made the guys duke it out after learning to box with professional boxer Laila Ali. I'm not sure how either of those dates would help someone find their true love, but that's The Bachelor for you. By those standards, Hannah's Latvian naked bungee jumping date is pretty tame.

It was definitely one of those "when in Rome" moments, though. And even if it isn't something that all Latvians do at some point, it was something Hannah felt she should do in Latvia and the date likely made it easier for her to get closer to Garrett on a deeper level.