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'DWTS' Normani Kordei May Be Looking For Love

There’s no question about the kind of chemistry that’s been generated between some of the pairs on Season 24 of Dancing With the Stars, leading to questions of the contestants’ relationship statuses. So it’s only natural to wonder, if Normani Kordei is single. Dancing With the Stars doesn’t hide much when there’s an opportunity to showcase the dynamic between each competing duo and since it’s hard to ignore how cute Kordei and pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy have been lately, it’s a totally fair question.

According to Bustle, a rep for the Fifth Harmony singer says that she’s currently single and not attached to anyone in particular, so does that mean a possible romantic connection for her and her partner on DWTS? In an interview with Billboard magazine in April, Kordei spoke highly of her DWTS partner and although she didn’t really allude to any romance, it seems like it could still happen since she is single after all.

"He's dope. I have to say he's a cool guy. Like inside and outside of rehearsal, he's helped me in so many ways," Kordei said. "Like even at the first one, I overthink a lot — and, ultimately, when we watch our videos after every live show, we are super proud because we know how hard we worked. He pushes me to the limit."

In the packages that air before each couple’s performance every week, viewers get to see an inside look at rehearsals and the relationships between them, and for Kordei and Chmerkovskiy, there always seems to be some kind of flirtation going on. There’s also the little matter of his most recent relationship being with Amber Rose, who was his last partner on DWTS. So since Kordei is single and Chmerkovskiy is obviously open to mixing work with pleasure, there’s always a chance sparks could fly between the duo.

I’m not saying that every couple on DWTS has to be together if they have chemistry on and off the ballroom floor, but that doesn't mean that it can't happen every so often. I think it’s totally appropriate to go ahead and low-key 'ship the two of them together. If you look at her Instagram, fans have been leaving comments like “ship ship ship” on photos of Kordei and Chmerkovskiy, so it’s pretty much common knowledge that their dynamic is amazing.

For right now, though, maybe it’s best that Kordei is single so she can keep her eye on the prize on DWTS and continue to get those near-perfect (and sometimes entirely perfect) scores each week.