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'The Handmaid's Tale' Finale Left A Very Important Question Unanswered

Warning: spoilers from the Season 1 finale ahead! Life in Gilead is far from easy. Actually, who am I kidding? Life in Gilead is a full-blown nightmare. And while it looks as though Offred may finally escape (if Nick is to be believed), her problems are still far from over. Not to mention the fact that she may now have a baby on the way. But is Offred really pregnant on The Handmaid's Tale? As of right now there's no guarantee.

Shortly into the finale, Serena Joy attacked Offred (whose real name is June) after she found the dress she'd worn on her nights out with Commander Waterford. Serena Joy then forced June to take a pregnancy test right then and there to see if anything good could come out of this betrayal. And in her eyes, something did. The pregnancy test came back positive, leaving Serena Joy elated and June completely shocked. Both of them seemed to immediately take the results as an out-right fact, but that may not exactly be the case.

In general, pregnancy tests are known to be pretty accurate so long as the person follows the instructions correctly. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't false positives. In fact, according to Self, false positives are likely to occur if the pregnancy test is expired.

June later mentioned how Serena Joy must've gotten the pregnancy test somewhere on the black market, meaning that they are no longer legal in Gilead. With that in mind, who knows how long she's had the test with her. It could very well have expired by this point, meaning that there's a chance June may not be pregnant at all. It was never confirmed that June was pregnant in The Handmaid's Tale book. She thought she might be, but she never took a test of any kind to confirm it. So for now there's really no way of knowing for sure how this will play out.

Part of me thinks that she really is pregnant since that would add yet another complicated layer to this already complex story, especially if she ends up reuniting with Luke. But until Season 2 premieres, this pregnancy storyline could go either way. Regardless, let's just hope that June is on her way to freedom and will soon be able to live in a place where she's treated like a human being rather than a prized (and severely mistreated) possession.