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Is Petra Leaving 'Jane The Virgin'? Her Departure Is Still Unclear

Since having her twins on Jane the Virgin, Petra has been having a lot of trouble. She can't sleep, she can't connect with her daughters, and she's not sure she can accept help to deal with those problems. Postpartum depression is something a lot of new mothers have to deal with, and it's been great that the show is willing to delve into those issues, particularly because it's so different than the journey Jane has been on. Sadly, it doesn't seem like Petra is going to get the help she needs anytime soon. At the end of Monday's episode ("Chapter Thirty-Eight"), Petra packed a bag with apparent intention to leave town – but is Petra really leaving on Jane the Virgin?

"Chapter Thirty-Seven" was the first time viewers saw Petra post-babies and it was clear she wasn't handling it well. She was reluctant to leave the hospital, threw herself into work, and hired around the clock care so the babies wouldn't need her at all. This Monday, Petra continued to distance herself from her children. She spent her nights wandering the Marbella looking tired and wan, then freaked out during a new mommy class when someone dared to utter the word "postpartum depression." Jane gave Petra a doctor's number, but it didn't seem like Petra was ready to take that plunge.

Still, once she was back in her own apartment, Petra dared to dial. It was a step forward that definitely would have done Petra good — until she was asked whether her mother had also had the same issues. Petra's mother is, understandably, a sore spot; she's definitely the cause of some of Petra's less than pleasant qualities. Manipulative, cold, and cruel (not to mention a straight-up murderer), Petra's mom is always there to lead her daughter down a darker path. "Chapter Thirty-Eight" was no exception.

Petra took the time to visit her mom in jail to announce the birth of her daughters and also ask if her mother had suffered depression after childbirth. Of course she had! She was raising a baby girl alone in Czechoslovakia in the '80s. It wasn't exactly the most helpful response, but Magda decided to do one better when it came to messing with her daughter's head: she told Petra that the twins would be better off being raised by someone else. It was just about the worst thing she could have said.

And, it obviously resonated with Petra. She was already having doubts about her capabilities as a mom, telling Jane and the other new mommies that she thought the girls would be better off with someone else. To hear that echoed by Petra's own mother was too much, so Petra ended the episode packing a bag for parts unknown. Viewers have no idea where Petra's going, if she's really going, or what will happen to her daughters (Rafael might have his hands full next week). It's possible Petra has no idea, either. I can only hope Petra decides to seek help instead of just running away, learning from her mother's mistakes instead of following her bad advice.