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Raven's Ex Took Center Stage On 'The Bachelor'

Lately, The Bachelor has seen lots of highs and lows for both Nick and the women competing for him on the show. From emotional one-on-one dates to a raucous pool party, the show has been full of the drama and craziness that fans have come to know and love. But Raven also got to sit down with Nick and talk about her cheating ex, so fans are likely wondering if Raven’s ex-boyfriend is watching The Bachelor now. And more importantly, how does he feel about his portrayal? I know that if my ex was competing on a reality dating show, I would probably browse a few episodes to watch him out of sheer curiosity. I'm not sure if I'd necessarily be rooting for him or anything, but that would depend on how our relationship ended. And for Raven, the relationship with her ex ended on some of the worst terms for a couple.

According to Raven, she caught her then-boyfriend in bed with another woman. After discovering that the door to his apartment was locked, Raven said that she had to kick it down and there, she confronted her boyfriend and the other woman, very much naked and very much in the throes of passion. In a disturbing twist, though, Raven revealed how she then proceeded to beat him with a stiletto shoe. And while Nick was deeply moved that she shared such a personal story with him, many viewers were thrown by the undertone of violence. (I get that you're upset, but physical abuse is never the answer.) Nevertheless, this scene has made fans very curious about this elusive ex-boyfriend of Raven’s.

According to Wetpaint, Raven’s boyfriend’s name is Hunter Henry and like Raven said, he’s a doctor in Arkansas. There is a Facebook profile for an Arkansas physician named Hunter Henry, but the photos are scarce and in order to see more, you’d have to friend him, so go figure. However, his profile says that he's a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas Medical School in Little Rock, which is supposedly where the cheating had occurred.

While there aren’t any social media posts from him regarding The Bachelor and Raven’s story, it should be noted that the part of her date with Nick where she told the vivid story of finding him cheating on her was cut from the air in Arkansas. According to The Washington Post, the TV station KATV’s general manager Mark Rose called it an accident and an error that was no one’s fault. But this was also a segment that could have potentially tarnished the reputation of a local doctor, so you have to wonder if Henry didn't have some pull in that department in order to try and save face locally. Which means that Raven's ex is probably watching The Bachelor, but he hasn't said what he thinks of it just yet.