Safeway storefront: is the grocer open on labor day 2020?
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Is Safeway Open On Labor Day? You Should Probably Call Ahead To Double-Check

by Lindsay E. Mack

Because many people get time off for Labor Day, it's easy to forget which businesses will be closed that Monday. For instance, is Safeway open on Labor Day 2020, or will you need to look elsewhere for your holiday provisions? Here's what you need to know about the grocer's hours for this final summertime holiday.

It looks like most Safeway stores will be open Labor Day 2020, which falls on Monday, September 7. In fact, workers at Safeway locations in California, Colorado, and Washington all told Romper that their store would keep regular hours for Labor Day Monday. However, it's definitely wise to call your local Safeway store to double-check, because this year is far from average (to say the least). In addition, be aware that many Safeway stores offer special shopping hours on certain days of the week for people who are at a higher risk from the coronavirus, according to Safeway's COVID-19 FAQs page. Shoppers are also encouraged to use Safeway's online shopping feature, which lets you schedule groceries for delivery or pick-up (AKA the easiest way to make a grocery run ever).

If you need a little inspiration for your 3-day weekend's menu, there are plenty of summery watermelon dishes you can still enjoy this year. Chances are, you can pick up the ingredients (or have them delivered) any time during the Labor Day 2020 weekend.