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For Your Last Minute Labor Day Needs, Safeway Has Your Back

Labor Day is the official last hurrah of summer. Many American families gather for a final day of fun on the first Monday in September, and ample snacks are basically required. But before you run to the store for extra chips, you need to know Safeway's Labor Day hours. There's nothing worse than seeing a "closed" sign when you're already hangry.

Labor Day, which falls on September 2 this year, is a federal holiday, as listed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which means all government employees typically have the day off. Non-government owned companies follow suit by giving their employees the day off as well, while others stay open. Safeway is one store that will be open on Labor Day, according to Holiday Shopping Hours, which could come in handy for more than one reason.

It's actually pretty unsurprising Safeway's doors will be open Labor Day; you can typically count on them to be ready to serve their consumers whenever, whether it's a holiday or not. The convenience store only fully closes on Christmas Day, operating in some capacity the other 364 days of the year. But each Safeway has different hours, so you'll want to check your specific location's hours on their website before trekking to the actual brick-and-mortar.


If you're in need of some provisions, you'll be glad Safeway is open on Labor Day, also known as the last day of summer vacation for many. (Even if your kid has been in a classroom for weeks, there's something about the holiday that still makes it feel like you're on break). Thinking of what to do that day might be a bit challenging after you just spent an entire summer planning activities for your kids, but at least you'll have snacks to keep them happy as many grocery stores are open on that day.

Luckily, public pools usually take advantage of the Labor Day crowd and are open, making it the perfect place to hang with your fam. You can soak up the sun while the kids splash in the water, and start your countdown until May when the pools reopen. Or, you could have a movie marathon at home if the weather isn't so nice or if you just feel like staying inside. Let the kids stay in their pajamas all day, built a blanket fort, and snuggle up together before the chaos of school and extra curricular activities really sets in. It's a fun and easy way to spend the day, and you can hit up Safeway if you forget to buy popcorn for your Disney Pixar quadruple feature.

But hey, it's your day off, and you should spend it as you see fit. Maybe you want some quality time with the kids, or maybe you and your partner can use the long weekend for that much needed getaway while the little ones stay with their grandparents. Either way, Safeway will be there to provide the snacks you need to get you through it. Soak up that summer sun while you can.