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If You're A Safeway Customer, You'll Be Happy With Their Memorial Day Hours

There are lots of different ways to celebrate Memorial Day. You can head to your local pool; spend a day at the movies seeing the first summer blockbusters; or you could just stay home and get cozy with the kiddos. But if you're going to host a picnic, you're going to want to know Safeway's Memorial Day hours, since they have a whole host of products lined up specifically for such an event.

Memorial Day has been a federal holiday since 1971, as HISTORY reports, designed to be a day to honor Americans lost in war throughout the country's life. Since its introduction, it's evolved into a day for celebration, particularly because it usually coincides with the end of the academic school year. Thus, picnics. And for the convenience of picnic goers everywhere, Safeway will be open on Memorial Day, as Holiday Shopping Hours reported. But each Safeway location has different regular hours, so check your local store's listing before you head their way for your outdoor eating fest supplies.

Though there are opposing opinions about the actual pros of eating outside, picnics remain irrevocably tied to summertime in our culture, both in popular opinion and in media. (I mean, there's a whole episode of The Office about it.) There's just something about checkered red and white tablecloths and wicker baskets that indicate it's the season of outdoor fun. That's why Safeway created their "Memorial Day picnic center," which compiles picnic friendly products on one page. #Blessed.

The page has over 100 different items that would come in handy for your Memorial Day picnic, ranging from food to grill supplies. Safeway is kind of a one-stop convenience shop/grocery store, so it's a great option for getting all of your basics in one place. They've got a particularly long list of meat options, like hot dogs, rib-eyes, brats, etc. Another bonus? You can add items to your cart directly from the page — but only if you're a Safeway Member. Being a member also has the advantage of giving you access to Safeway's delivery, rush delivery, and drive up and go services. So create an account if you want the full range of benefits.

And if you're wanting a little extra help with your Memorial Day picnic, you can check out Safeway's recipes page. A quick scroll will show you dishes like Chocolate S'mores with Blackberry, Zesty Grilled Asparagus, and Portable Gluten Free Pasta Salad, all of which would be super easy and festive for a Memorial Day meal. They can help you keep it fresh, so you don't make the same recipes you prepare every year. Basically, the only thing you can't get from the store for your celebration is the actual picnic basket.

So you're in the clear to head to Safeway for your Memorial Day meal needs, but they're not your only option for the holiday if you don't happen to live near one. Most grocers are open on the holiday, though I'd still recommend shopping in advance to avoid last minute shoppers and so that you can just enjoy your holiday in general.