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Is Target Open On New Year's? You Plan On Starting The Year Off Right

My typical New Year's Day plans involve sleeping until past when I'd typically eat lunch, ordering some sort of unhealthy take-out food, and stalking everyone's New Year's Eve pics on social media. (In other words, I'm soaking up my last few childless months). Typically, my mantra is, "If it requires real pants or a bra... it's just not happening." The one thing that can potentially get me out of my cozy, sleepy comforter oasis is a Target run, but is Target open on New Year's Day? After all, it's the only happy place that can compete with your couch – and, depending on your level of dignity, may or may not require getting out of your pjs or putting on a brassiere.

Good news for my fellow Target-aholics: the answer is yes, all Target locations are open on New Year's Day (and New Year's Eve too, for that matter). Whether your local grocery store is closed and you desperately need something or you simply want to spend your day off work shopping for fun things you maybe, sort of, kind of need, Target's got your back (per usual). Not to speak from past experience or anything, but it's also got a great selection of hangover essentials, like Pedialyte and junk food, if you overdid it on the celebratory champagne.

If you're a more motivated, higher-functioning human being than myself, this is also an opportunity to hit the ground running with your New Year's resolutions. Target's got the sports bras, free weights, and workout videos to get you started on your 2019 fitness plan, or storage bins, cleaning supplies, and closet organizers if your resolution is to finally get tidy. Major props to you if you actually spend New Year's Day setting yourself up to crush your goals, because I definitely waste the entire day working on my best sloth impression.

While all Target stores will be open on the holiday, the actual hours vary by location. Before you put in all that effort of running a brush through your hair and trading out your slippers for harder-soled shoes, I'd recommend calling your local Target and just confirming when exactly they will open and close. After all, there's nothing worse than leaving the comfort of your own house and fighting through holiday traffic just to arrive at a closed Target. Yikes.

I also just feel compelled to point out that, while you may be stoked that Target's open on a day when basically everything else is closed, the retailer's employees are working hard on a day when most people are relaxing and spending time with loved ones. No matter how annoying the holiday crowds are, or how bad your hangover is, show those employees donned in red a little extra patience and a smile. Considering I probably won't even change out of my pajamas, I'm particularly appreciative and impressed by anyone working.

The common wisdom is, however you spend New Year's Eve and New Year's Day is how you'll spend the rest of the year. I don't know about you, but if my 2019 is filled with plenty of Target trips, I won't be too upset — or, quite frankly, surprised — at all).

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