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Are Troian Bellisario & Meghan Markle Friends? They Seem To Have A Lot In Common

Royals geeks by now know most everything about the newest member of the upper tier of the Windsor clan, the Duchess of Sussex. We know she's an American star-turned-royal who lived in Canada, where she became friends with the former Prime Minister's son's wife. We also know her inner circle includes Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra, and Abigail Spencer. But is Troian Bellisario friends with Meghan Markle? The actress is married to Markle's former co-star.

After all, the question really makes sense. Markle's good friend and former Suits co-star is Patrick J. Adams, Bellisario's hubby since 2016, Bustle confirmed.

Adams and Markle got famous playing the show's leads Mike Ross and Rachel Zane, so they have that in common, plus they left the show at the same time, as the website confirmed.

Meanwhile, Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars fame had her first child, a girl, last fall, People confirmed — making the actress a perfect person for the about-to-deliver duchess to have on speed dial. Right? Well, maybe.

First of all, Bellisario's social media is full of pics of her gal squad... without a royal in sight. That, however, is somewhat understandable.

Second of all, though, Bellisario was not mentioned anywhere in the abundant coverage of Markle's baby shower in New York City, which, as Town & Country magazine reported, included a massive group including Jessica Mulroney (Meg's stylist and BFF), Amal Clooney, and designer Misha Nonoo (whether or not the Palace approved of the event was another question but really, Markle is American, and we go big for baby showers, tell the Queen).

Thirdly, nowhere is it written that you have to be friends with your former co-worker's partner just because you are both having babies. There, I said it. There is just no law on this one, and most likely Bellisario — whose Instagram notes she's embarked on a directing career — is doing her own thing, while her hubby's friend across the pond is doing hers.

Still, there are reasons to think these two might at least be friendly, if not joined at the hip.

They are both veteran show-biz pros, as both IMDB and Entertainment Cheatsheet confirmed. Now that they are both having families, it might be helpful for the duchess to have people who know her from back when to call in a jam. Like another new mama.

Also, I hardly think Markle would have invited Adams and Bellisario to her nuptials if they weren't rather dear to her heart.

If you've ever sat down with a wedding guest list while people around you kept telling you to keep cutting the numbers, you'll know what I mean. Surely, Markle was not given carte blanche to invite just anyone, knowing all the etiquette and rules.

"We were trying to choose between like a blender or bread maker," Adams joked to Entertainment Tonight about a wedding gift for the royal couple. "You know something classy, like a good blender. Like a Vitamix. She's gonna need a Vitamix for sure." Whether Meghan and Prince Harry ever got their blender or not remains to be seen.

That being said, Us Weekly reported Bellisario said she did not send a baby shower gift... because she did not didn't know how to get it to her.

So, while they really might not be all that close, I would like to recommend that they consider a mutual-support pact. It's not that easy adjusting to first-time motherhood, and it's even harder to do so when reporters and photographers are after you all the time. Let's get these two at least texting or something.