'Us' Might Not Be For Kids, But Parents Are Going To Want To See It

Sometimes a movie can trick you. If you see kids in a movie who are sort of around the same age as your kids, maybe sometimes you'll think, Well that kid is in the movie so it probably isn't too bad, right? Take Jordan Peele's new movie Us, for instance. The movie centers around a family of four, two parents, a daughter, and a son who looks to be around 10 years old. So is Us appropriate for kids under 10? Just because you know; kids at the beach, parents having fun. What could go wrong?

Now I'm going to tell you that I am rarely the person who wants to tell other parents what might or might not be appropriate for their kid. Because this feels like an intensely personal decision based on an individual family's likes and dislikes. I mean, even within my own family of four sons, a movie that was appropriate for one boy at 10 might not have worked for the other. That being said, I'm going to go ahead and tell you that Jordan Peele's new movie Us is definitely not one you want to watch with your kids. Don't believe me? Here's the trailer, get ready to hide under your blankets.

Still not sure about this movie? Here's the official synopsis, as shared by /Film:

A mother (Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o from Black Panther, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and 12 Years a Slave) and a father (Winston Duke from Black Panther) take their kids to their beach house expecting to unplug and unwind with friends (including Emmy winner Elizabeth Moss from TV series The Handmaid’s Tale). But as night descends, their serenity turns to tension and chaos when some shocking visitors arrive uninvited.

The movie also stars Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex as kids Zora and Pluto. And I just want to reiterate quickly that you really don't want to take your kids to see this, pretty please. I'm still freaked out just by the trailer and I hear I'm an adult.

If you are still a little unsure, let me offer you something of a barometer. Do you remember Jordan Peele's directorial debut Get Out from 2017? Of course you do, everyone was talking about it. Would you have taken your child to see that movie? Because a recent review from Variety noted that Us is genuinely more terrifying than Get Out.

Common Sense Media also pointed out that Us is a horror film, which generally isn't such a fun movie night for the family. Think nightmares, questions, more nightmares... and that's just you. If you add your kid into the equation you're never getting any sleep.

Again, every parent needs to make their own decision. And as a parent it's my decision to advise you to get yourself a babysitter when Us premieres on Mar. 22 and head on out to the movies without the kids. Get the big popcorn and then just go ahead and buy some candy too. Because you're going to need the comfort of junk food to get you through that wild ride... without your kids.