Is Walmart Open On Memorial Day 2019? They Have Everything You Need For The Long Weekend

Picture it: you're headed to the pool with the kids. You've already doused them in sunscreen, and a cooler full of kid snacks and adult beverages are chilling in your trunk. It's the set up for a perfect day, until you realize you forgot to buy swim noodles. You panic, imagining the full blown meltdown the kids will surely throw if they notice, but fear not: Walmart's Memorial Day 2019 hours will protect you from their wrath.

To the joy of parents and bargain shoppers everywhere, Walmart will be open on Memorial Day 2019, as reported by Holiday Shopping Hours. So if you live near a 24-hour superstore, you can head over to get your pool goods — and any summer gear, really — whenever it's convenient for you. But it's a good idea to check your local store's hours on Memorial Day before you head over just in case they've decided to alter their hours for any reason.

But for the most part, the superstore can be counted on pretty much any day of the year — they're only completely closed on Christmas Day according to Good Housekeeping — and Memorial Day is no exception. You can hit them up for extra snacks and drinks to fill up your cooler or other grocery basics, you can update your kid's summer wardrobe (as well as your own) before the temperature really spikes, or it wouldn't be the most outrageous thing to even get a head start on back-to-school shopping if you're the kind of person who really plans ahead. For immediate needs though, like food for the Memorial Day barbecue, keep in mind that Walmart won't be the only option for outdoor provisions over the long weekend. Most grocery stores are actually open on the holiday, so you really could go wherever is most convenient if ingredients are all you need.

Where Walmart will come in handy on the holiday though is for everything else, especially pool accessories. They've got tons of fun floats this year at great discounts (novelty pool floats are very in right now, in case you haven't heard), so you can be mom of the year and take it a step up from the classic noodles you usually buy without breaking the bank. Check out a few of options from Walmart that are on sale right now.

Swimline Pool Pizza Slice




Not only is this pizza slice float hilariously fun, it's also ideally shaped for a human being to chill on. The crust doubles as a headrest, and it has two built-in cup holders. Bonus? It comes with bungee cords, allowing you to connect floats together and creating even more fun.

Intex Inflatable Flamingo Ride On Pool Float




Ride on floats are all the rage this year, and the bright pop of this flamingo will make it simple to keep an eye on your kiddos as they splash. Two handles will help to keep riders steady, too.

Swimline Centipede Multi-Person Pool Toy




Your littles always bickering over whose turn it is to use the float? Say hello to the float they can actually all share, ending adult swim arguments for the whole summer. Plus, imagine how cute they'll be on it.

Intex Inflatable Watermelon Island Float Lounge




This huge float is big enough for two fully grown adults to hang out on, so your little ones can easily fit on it together. It's totally the vibe of summer.

Swimline Giant Swan 75-in Inflatable Ride-On Pool Toy




The bigger the better is definitely true when it comes to pool floats, so this giant swan is what summer dreams are made of. It might take up the entire shallow end of the pool, but that's just the kind of mom you are.

From food to animal themed, Walmart has plenty of options in the pool float category. And that's just a tiny sampling of their discounted inventory right now. The list doesn't include every float they have on sale, nor does it highlight the fun pool accessories that are being sold at full retail price, of which there are a ton. Pro-tip: don't show your kid the unicorn float ($27, Walmart) unless you're fully prepared to buy it.

All that being said, I can't guarantee your local Walmart will have the float of your dreams if you make a pit-stop on Memorial Day since every store's retail options are different, but knowing how vast their offerings are, you're bound to find a good range of options that'll keep your kids occupied for the next few months.