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Last-Minute Shoppers Need To Know: Is Whole Foods Open On Memorial Day 2019?

It's good to have things you can count on in life: the sun coming up each day, Chrissy Teigen writing fire tweets, and Memorial Day parties erupting throughout the country every year, no matter how uncooperative the weather is being. Thankfully, Whole Foods Market will be open on Memorial Day this year to help you out with that last one. Cue happy dance.

Yep, let those good tidings sink in. You're going to be able to hit up Whole Foods Market for all of your first day of summer bash needs until the very last minute, as Holiday Shopping Hours reports the grocery chain will be open on the last Monday in May, which falls on May 27 this year. (Procrastinators of the world, rejoice.) Basically, your store will be operating under its normal hours, with no Memorial Day interruption to service; you can check the open and close times using the Whole Foods Market store locator. So if you burn the first round of hot dogs, no need to panic. Just send your partner to the store for refills.

Whole Foods Market always has fun food options to try out, and their website makes it simple to see what new items they're selling for the season. For instance, they just added a limited addition Pacific Rim flavored line of foods for summer, as well as a new Provence Rosé I for one definitely have my eye on. You can check out all of their new offerings on their site, or just head to your local Whole Foods to see what's in stock.

But if you don't feel like leaving home and you happen to be a Prime member, you can also order your desired grocery items online and have them delivered to your home thanks to Prime Now, making your Memorial Day party even easier to pull off. You can see if your zip code is eligible for Prime Now here. You might also want to use Prime Now for this particular event because while WFM will have you covered for all of your food needs, you'll probably need more than just edible supplies (since this will likely be the first time you've used your grill this season). That makes Amazon an even more convenient option than usual. You can order everything from disposable party cups ($17, Prime Now) to a Cuisinart CGS-134 Grilling Tool Set ($14, Prime Now) using the service. Party planning has literally never been easier.

I'd seriously consider doing all of your Memorial Day shopping through Prime Now even if you're not normally a Prime shopper purely from a logistical standpoint. Throwing a big party is stressful, and you don't want to be left high and dry when you forget something critical. My uncle had to deal with twenty hungry people last summer when he forgot to buy charcoal for the grill before our Fourth of July bash and it was bleak... help me help you. But you can also just run to Target or Walmart for your party needs, as they'll be open on Memorial Day too. However you choose to stock up, I'm sure your kickoff to summer will be a blast.