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Is Whole Foods Open On Labor Day 2018? What To Know Before Your Holiday BBQ


How is it possible that it's almost September? It seems like we just unpacked the summer clothing and had our end-of-school festivities, and now here we are, about to celebrate the season's last holiday weekend. So you're probably either planning a cookout or going to one, which means you'll need to shop for some quality ingredients this week. Or maybe you're a last-minute planner, but still want to get the best meats, veggies, and appetizer platters for the event, in which case you'll need to know: Is Whole Foods open on Labor Day?

The good news is that yes, Whole Foods will be open nationwide on Monday, September 3, 2018. A call to their customer service department confirmed that the popular supermarket chain stays in operation on this busy foodie holiday. However, you'll want to call your local Whole Foods branch to double-check the hours, because although they generally stay open until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m., a couple of branches note on the company website that they may close early on holidays.

At any rate, just knowing that your favorite natural-foods store will be available for your shopping convenience right up to BBQ time is satisfaction enough. And why not? Whole Foods was just named one of the 10 best supermarkets in the United States, according to Food & Wine. Its massive selection of fresh produce, bulk foods, deli ready-to-eat meals, gourmet cheeses, and weekly specials (such as the "Meatless Monday" prepared meals in certain stores) pretty much guarantees that you'll find something to tantalize your guests' tastebuds.

So if you've got a Labor Day event going on, whether at your place, a friend's house, or at the beach or park, here are some suggestions for what to pick up during your Whole Foods run:

  • A couple of ripe avocadoes, a bit of sea salt, and a jar of salsa verde all you need to make the store's easy and delicious guacamole. Grab a bag of chips, and you've got a guest-pleasing appetizer.
  • A refreshing Caprese salad is as simple as fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, just-plucked basil, and balsamic vinegar glaze. The store's prepared version includes pesto for added flavor, and is $56 for a platter that serves 8 (or 16, if you cut the generous slices in half).
  • Mixing chopped mild green chiles, cheddar cheese, and salt into your ground beef will give your burgers a not-too-spicy zing, according to this burger recipe. Serve with their suggested topping of light mayo combined with adobo sauce.
  • Marinating chicken breasts with teriyaki sauce makes for another lively grill option. The store recommends tossing sliced red peppers and romaine lettuce with the sauce and grilling them, as well.
  • Take advantage of the ripest summer fruits to make a no-fuss dessert, such as this Blackberry and Peach Buttermilk Cobbler. Easier still: Grill fresh peach halves and serve with a vanilla bean ice cream.
  • If someone else is providing the beer or box wine, offer to make a refreshing nonalcoholic drink featuring sparkling cider.
  • Still not sure what to serve or bring? Look for the weekly specials in your local Whole Foods market (like this one from NYC), or the featured deals available for Amazon Prime members.

Whatever you put on your shopping list, you know you'll have plenty of options for your Labor Day festivities when you join the other devoted Whole Foods shoppers this holiday weekend.