Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/HBO

Amabella's Bully Has One Main Suspect On 'Big Little Lies'

There are many reasons to love HBO's new drama Big Little Lies. Not only does it consist of an all-star cast and captivating storylines, but it also smartly covers a wide range of important topics that can (and should) be discussed more, such as bullying and domestic violence. Regarding the former, Amabella's attacker is still at large and so far it has yet to be determined if Ziggy is bullying Amabella on Big Little Lies or not. I highly doubt he's the culprit since he seems like a genuinely sweet kid, but until the real guilty party is discovered, I fear poor Ziggy is still going to find himself under a cloud of suspicion.

Granted, the evidence against him has grown less and less strong by the week. Initially, Amabella had singled him out as the student who choked her during orientation, but since then she's assured her parents that Ziggy isn't as bad as all that. In fact, she thinks he's nice. That doesn't exactly make him sound guilty, especially coming from the person who was attacked. But if Ziggy isn't the bully, then why had Amabella said that he was at the beginning? Is she too scared to call her actual bully out? That all has yet to be explained, but considering the finale is next week (I'm not ready!), it's only a matter of time.

Warning: major book spoilers ahead! Those who have already read the novel from which this series is based, you know that it turns out that Ziggy isn't the perpetrator of these attacks at all. Which is great because he's just so sweet and I would've hated for that to tarnish such a great character. Amabella's bully is revealed to be Max, one of Celeste and Perry's twin boys, who was replicating the type of behavior he's witnessed at home — though, of course, Celeste and Perry don't realize that their children are aware of their abusive relationship.

It's hard to guarantee whether or not the bully's identity will change in the TV adaptation, especially since the show has occasionally strayed from the book before. (Madeline never had an affair with Joseph in the book, for example.) However, considering this is such a big reveal, I have a sneaking suspicion this plot twist will remain true to the original script. And since Season 1 only consists of seven episodes, it won't be long now until the truth comes to light.