Iris Awards, courtesy of Mom 2.0

Vote For Your Favorite Parenting Blogger To Win A People's Choice Iris Award

The people have spoken! Last week, we asked you to nominate your favorite parenting blogger for a Romper People's Choice Iris Award, to be presented later this month at Mom 2.0 Summit, and boy did you deliver! We're so excited to announce the names of the six finalists (drum roll please!) ...

And the nominees are:

Stacey Skrysak (Perfectly Peyton Blog)

Mary Katherine Backstrom

The Motivated Mom

What Fresh Hell

It's super easy to vote for your top choice; just head right here and pick your favorite. Voting is open until midnight (CST) on April 12, and we'll be on stage at the Iris Awards in Austin on Friday, April 26, to reveal the winner and present their Iris award. We can't wait!

"The Iris Awards is the annual recognition of the year's greatest achievements in parenting blogging as determined by leaders in new media, traditional media, journalism, marketing, and the creative arts," says Laura Mayes, co-founder of The Iris Awards and Mom 2.0 Summit. "We are thrilled to partner with Romper to introduce the Romper People's Choice Award this year to honor the people's favorite parenting blog, and we're delighted Romper is joining us in celebrating the emerging industry created by its pioneers and leaders."

Courtesy of Mom 2.0

We're delighted too! At Romper, we believe in the power of storytelling — as a means for connection, understanding, and truth telling, yes, but also as way, to put it simply, to know that we are not alone. Parenting, with all of the joy and beauty, can be sometimes be a lonely and thankless job. Sharing our stories shines light on every aspect of that job, celebrating and amplifying the highs and helping us to make sense of the lows and the losses.

The Mom 2.0 Summit is a three-day event that celebrates and helps foster and advance the digital successes, business acumen, and astonishing creativity demonstrated by leaders in the world of female entrepreneurship and storytelling. In addition to the People's Choice category, the Iris Awards honor excellence in online media and female entrepreneurship in categories such as writing, photography, videography, brand campaigns, design, and other talents. With awards for everything from Livestream of the Year and Instagram of the Year, to Philanthropic Work of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year, the night is a recognition of the individual achievements and collective ingenuity in this ever expanding and impactful community.

We're thankful to our fellow storytellers, whether they make us laugh, or cry, or roll our eyes in commiseration. We know so well how much every story, every voice, matters. Vote for the People's Choice winner here by April 12!