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Jade Roper Shares She Suffered A Miscarriage Before Welcoming Her First Child

When Jade Roper met husband Tanner Tolbert during filming of Season 2 of Bachelor In Paradise, she was happily surprised to discover she had just met the man she considers the love of her life. Since their wedding three years ago, they've welcomed a sweet daughter, Emerson Avery, and now have another baby on the way. Although things have looked incredibly happy and sweet on social media, the couple went through an incredibly difficult time recently. In a heartbreaking new Instagram post, Jade Roper Tolbert shared she suffered a miscarriage before welcoming her first daughter and opened up about how it was a tough time for her.

The Bachelor alum and her husband revealed at the end of January that they are expecting their second child in August, according to People. Roper admitted to the publication last April that the couple were "not not trying" to conceive because she was hoping to have two children close together in age. "We've been talking about it. We want our kids to be close in age so they're close siblings and I'm not getting any younger," she told People at the time.

While at the time this didn't seem especially poignant, Roper's Instagram post on Wednesday pointed to a much more deep seated pain.

As Roper explained in her Instagram post, she and Tolbert found out they were expecting a child together on the set of Bachelor In Paradise. But, unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage:

I had a miscarriage. These words have burned inside me for over three years. I was honestly so scared to share our story, because I have always had this inner voice that’s said I don’t matter as much, especially when it comes to my struggles or my pain. My journey with my grief has been a rollercoaster, and so I’ve never even known really where to start with telling others. I’ve also been afraid to tell people Tanner and I got pregnant on Bachelor in Paradise while filming.

Roper and Tolbert also shared a video on YouTube of their story.

She went on to explain that the emotions she's going through during her second pregnancy have caused the memory of her miscarriage to resurface. Roper also noted that she felt it was time to share her story and "honor our baby."

Fans of the couple were quick to offer their support and condolences on her Instagram wall, and in some cases even shared stories of their own loss in an effort to feel less alone.

"Just watched the video," one follower wrote. "And your love note to your baby ... all the feels."

Another said, "Thank you for speaking out! It takes courage but we appreciate that courage."

"You are so strong for sharing," one more fan said. "I have been pretty open about my 4 miscarriages. It’s hard to talk about but people have to know they aren’t alone."

Going through a miscarriage is hard and people grieve their losses differently and on their own terms. Sharing these heartbreaking experiences, however, can help others feel less alone