Jameson's New Cold Brew Whiskey Is Everything I've Ever Wanted In A Drink

Whenever I go to my favorite dive bar for a night out, I typically start with a shot of Jameson and a PBR Tallboy. As “hipster” as that sounds, it’s a popular combination in my neighborhood. So imagine my delight when I heard there’s now a Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey beverage out there. Whiskey and cold brew coffee — "these are a few of my favorite things..."

Now the wonderful flavor combination of coffee and whiskey is in one beverage, and you don’t even have to pour each of them in your coffee mug and mix it yourself. I mean, I've never done that, what are you talking about? This new beverage flavor is “coffee lovers’ whiskey, and whiskey lovers’ coffee,” according to the Jameson website. Take all my money.

Guys, I cannot wait. It will be available for pre-order on Jan. 25 on, and will be available in stores next week, according to Delish, so I will definitely be all over that. Strangely enough, there’s also a PBR Hard Coffee beer out right now, proving that coffee-flavored alcoholic beverages are super popular. I just don’t think I’ll be mixing my Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey with a PBR Hard Coffee, thank you very much. But I do think this delicious-sounding coffee-infused whiskey will be just enough coffee flavor for me, and I’ll stick to my regular PBR Tallboy on my nights out with friends. Hell, this sounds so good I may just skip the Tallboy altogether and sip on this Jameson neat all night.

Delish reported, “This new cold brew whiskey is made with 100% Arabica Beans from Brazil and Columbia … and tastes like toasted oak, dark chocolate, and of course, coffee.” Jameson Cold Brew is also triple distilled, and is “perfect on ice or in a cocktail,” according to the Jameson website. There’s a “full-bodied smooth and warming mouthfeel,” and a “distinctive bold, natural, refreshing taste on impact followed by charred wood from the pot." Someone grab a bottle for me now, please and thank you.

The Twitter-verse is pretty stoked about this new cold brew coffee-infused whiskey, as well, with folks saying “JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY NOW,” and commenting on how embarrassed they are by how many times people have sent them the Jameson Cold Brew info. And others are just grossly overly excited like this guy and his nipples:

So head over to on Jan. 25 and be on the lookout next week at your favorite bar for this fabulous cold brew whiskey. Don't forget it's limited edition, so reserves may sell out fast and you don't want to miss your chance to get your hands on a bottle. Cheers!