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These 5 'Jane The Virgin' Final Episode Theories Will Make You Cry Actual Tears

Since its premiere in 2015, Jane the Virgin has been one of my favorite guilty pleasures — until I realized it wasn't one. Although the CW series had its fair share of soapy moments, I genuinely fell in love with the satirical telenovela for its honest storylines and depictions of Latinx culture and family. Now, with the series finale airing on Jul. 31, I'm preparing myself with these Jane the Virgin final episode theories. Because, let's face it, I know my heart is going to be shattered when the show ends, and I have to say goodbye to characters I've grown to love for the past five years.

Before I dive into the theories, let's start off with what's confirmed in regards to the two remaining episodes, "Chapter Ninety-Nine" and "Chapter One Hundred." According to Variety, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman revealed the series finale of Jane the Virgin will focus on giving the Villanueva family a happy ending.

"Part of the reason this final season was structured as it was was so we got through some of the bigger dramatic, emotional swings early on," Urman told the publication. "And then we could get back towards building their romantic ending and the ending where the family’s at."

I'm not crying, you're crying. It seems like fans will receive a heartfelt goodbye in the finale, and quite frankly, it's well deserved. That said, remember you're watching Jane the Virgin, and anything could happen in the final moments. So let's dive into these series finale theories, shall we?

Here's What Really Happened To Michael

On Reddit, user Jelese111 shared a theory about Michael that will seriously break your soul into a million pieces. In the theory, the fan explained when Jane's agent, Lily, told her to "up the crime" in her novel, Jane "decided that her heroine was going to confront the villain. How would she bring the villain back with a twist a bunch of drama? The heroine's husband lived!" As in, everything fans have seen on the show thus far.

"Jane brought him back in her novel and gave him a happy ending," the fan wrote. "A quiet life where he ends up happily ever after with a wife and child."

So if this theory pans out, the real Michael is actually dead, and he never came back. Yup, I feel empty now.

Rose Is Rafael's Birth Mom

When Michael said goodbye to Jane, he revealed Rose's big secret — she's actually 51-years-old. Following the episode, Redditor hungryart876 wondered if the writers chose to reveal this because Rose is Rafael's mom.

"I feel someway somehow Rose has to be Raf’s birth mother. It would tie up a bunch of random things throughout the season," the user wrote. "Why would it be so important to highlight roses age and that she is much older than we thought? She still wouldn’t be at a typical age to have a child, but in her teen years and could’ve very well been biologically able to."

The fan expressed this blood relation could answer why Rose was so interested in the Solano family as well as her involvement in Mateo's kidnapping when he was born — she wanted to check if he was really her grandson.

Petra Will Die

The Jane the Virgin fandom seems to be worried about Petra. In a Reddit thread, user Pizookie123 hypothesized a theory in which Petra dies while Jane and Raf get the Marbella back and grow up together as a family of five.

Meanwhile, in a separate discussion, galapagossquirrle shared, "There have been a lot of hints that Petra doesn’t make it to the end. All of her storylines are getting wrapped up and she’s been expressing a lot of fear regarding how her daughters will be when they’re grown up."

However, the fan also pointed out that Petra deserves a better ending, given all of her character development in the past five seasons.

Who Is The Narrator?

Everyone knows the narrator is part of the central story. However, his identity has been kept under wraps since the beginning. But since it's possible the series finale will finally reveal who the narrator is on Jane the Virgin, fans have been dishing out their theories on Reddit. Although some joked it could be Abuela or even Michael, most fans seem to think the narrator is Mateo.

To prove this theory, user DidIHappenToSay listed out a few key points. First, the narrator once said, "I'm starting to wonder if I even want kids," which gets rid of a lot of lead characters, such as Jane, Rafael, Rogelio, and Alba.

The fan then explained viewers know the narrator is attracted to men, and "Mateo is one of the few characters who hasn't been attracted to anyone yet." The narrator also has "experience with twins," which could mean Anna and Ellie. He also has a close relationship with Xo.

DidIHappenToSay then noted the ADHD episode and reminded fans that the narrator was also out of focus throughout. Meanwhile, in a recent Season 5 episode, Mateo read "our story begins," which just so happens to be the first line of Jane the Virgin.

Jane's Book Will Turn Into A Telenovela

With fans expecting a full-circle ending in the Jane the Virgin finale, Reddit user AnnaK22 proposed a theory that could bring the Villanueva family the happy ending they deserve.

"The bidder who bought Jane's book has the intention of turning it into a telenovela," the fan wrote. "500,000 is a lot of money and media brings in a lot of money, fast. And it's the perfect time, especially with Rose gone. Everyone must be scramming to get the story rights."

The Redditor then added the perfect ending for Jane's book, and of course, it involves Rogelio.

"When it does get turned into a telenovela, Rogelio could be a producer/get a role in it," the user theorized. "This way, he gets to being telenovela to America and stay in Miami."

Honestly, anything could happen in the Jane the Virgin series finale, and I would accept it. This is a telenovela, after all. It's the name of the game. But even so, I hope the ending is just as satisfying as the past five years.

The Jane the Virgin series finale airs Jul. 31 on The CW.