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Jed Proposed To Hannah On 'The Bachelorette' In A Way Only He Would

Jed didn't leave The Bachelorette with as many new fans as he might have hoped he would gain from showcasing his music on the show. Part of that is because of the news about him having a girlfriend back home. He apparently went on the show only to promote his music rather than fall in love with Hannah. Another reason fans haven't loved Jed is because of his penchant for breaking out into song. And when Chris Harrison teased Jed's cringeworthy proposal on The Bachelorette nobody could have predicted quite how awkward it really was.

At the top of the second part of The Bachelorette finale Tuesday night, Chris Harrison said that the proposal fans would see could "only be described as cringeworthy." When Harrison isn't immediately in love with a proposal, you know it's a bad omen. And right now, it seems like fans have the same idea.

Jed started his proposal by serenading Hannah with his guitar and a new song he wrote just for her. But by now, most viewers are sick of seeing that guitar every time Jed gets the chance to have some premium screen time. While it made sense for him to bust it out during his proposal, it doesn't mean fans wanted to see it and hear yet another song from Jed before he officially proposed to Hannah.

I don't know if it's just me, but I get secondhand embarrassment any time someone sings to another person in public. Unless that person is Justin Timberlake or any former member of an iconic boy band, they have no business using an original song to serenade the object of their affection. It also doesn't help that fans already feel jaded by Jed at this point.

Most Bachelorette fans already knew about his original reason for going on the show by the time he sang to Hannah outside of her hotel room window in Latvia. In real life, Jed is a singer and songwriter and toward the end of the season, his rising career was an ongoing topic of conversation. But when he sang to Hannah before he actually asked her to marry him, it was another one of those uncomfortable moments that a lot of Bachelorette fans felt in unison.

The song Jed wrote for Hannah in that episode a few weeks ago had lyrics which included the lines "I’ll be your Mr. Right, girl. I’ll be your Mr. Right, girl. Hannah, Hannah, I would never tell a lie." Now, that last line seems ironic, but at the time, it helped Hannah feel closer to him. She even sang some of the lyrics back to him after he proposed to her on The Bachelorette finale.

From Hannah's perspective, Jed wrote the music for her and it all came from a place of love for her. But in reality, as he admitted to Hannah on the finale, he had gone on the show to promote his career and now, that makes his proposal even more cringeworthy and uncomfortable for fans.

If Jed hadn't already made enemies of Bachelorette fans before he proposed to Hannah, then his proposal might have been enough to win over even the most hardcore Tyler fans. But the damage had already been done long before he took out his guitar for the umpteenth time and got down on one knee in front of Hannah.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that Hannah finds love and happiness with someone. Right now, that someone doesn't appear to be Jed and fans are going to rally behind whatever Hannah's decision about him ultimately is. No cringeworthy proposal serenade is going to change that.