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Jenna Dewan's Daughter Is Keeping Close Tabs On Her Mom's Pregnancy Diet

As Jenna Dewan mentioned shortly after her pregnancy announcement, her first child, 6-year-old Everly, is SO excited to become a big sister. So it's no surprise she's carefully monitoring her mama's every move — literally. Case in point: Jenna Dewan revealed her daughter takes mom's pregnancy diet very seriously, and the reason why is super adorable.

The World of Dance star went on Good Morning America Tuesday to chat about her new book, Gracefully You, but when the subject came up about the fact that she's expecting a second child, her first with partner Steve Kazee, she couldn't help but gush about how Everly has already stepped up as a big sis.

"She’s too excited [about becoming a big sister]. I go to eat something and she’s like, ‘Mom? Is that good for the baby?'" Dewan joked to GMA's Michael Strahan, adding of Everly, “...I have to be honest. I had candy corn the other day and she was like, ‘Hmm, you should put that back.' I was like, ‘Oh my God!' She's really excited, she said she's waited her whole life for this...six years!"

Ha! How cute. It sounds like Everly will be an incredible sibling.

And although the role reversal might sound odd to some, with Dewan as the daughter figure and "Evie," as mom calls her on social media, playing the responsible parent figure, I think this one totally makes sense. If you're already in elementary school, and have been waiting all these years for another kid to join the family, then you're going to want the pregnancy to go well. So cute!

Dewan, who told Strahan that her book is half self-help and half lifestyle and beauty advice, was also honest enough to include her emotional ups and downs in the difficult year after she split from Evie's dad, actor Channing Tatum, in April 2018. Now that the emotional rain has cleared, the star is in a much better place and is joyfully looking forward to having her first child with Kazee, a Broadway actor.

"Becoming a mother is quite simply the absolute best most incredible thing that has ever happened to me," Dewan captioned an Instagram post she shared at the time of the baby announcement. "@stevekazee you are a gift from above and i couldn’t be more excited to be expanding our family together...! Thank you guys for all the love!!"

And it's possible Dewan was able to find happiness again rather quickly considering her relationship with Kazee seemingly came out of the blue. “I wasn’t looking for it,” Dewan explained, according to People. “But it sort of took me by complete storm. It happened when I least expected it.”

You can't predict life, right? Sometimes the best things happen when you're not looking.

This adorable family deserves all the best, and I can't wait to see it grow in 2020. Not to mention, I'm excited to hear how Everly steps into her role of big sis — though from what I've heard so far, there's no doubt in my mind she'll nail it.