Jennifer Garner's son has some thoughts on how much he should pay for being raised by his mom.
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Jennifer Garner Jokes She Won't Quit Her Day Job After Her Son Wrote A $168.42 Check

Have you ever wondered how much your parenting is worth to your kids? I don't mean emotionally, I mean the actual dollars and cents of it all. Well, one celeb mom apparently doesn't have to wonder about this anymore. As it turns out, Jennifer Garner's son wrote her a check for "being his mama." Now, while this gesture was awfully sweet and adorably creative, I think he needs to be more a little more realistic about how much her time is worth. Just sayin'...

Garner is mom to three kids who she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck, 14-year-old daughter Violet, 11-year-old daughter Seraphina, and 7-year-old son Sam. It seems young Sam spent some time at the end of 2019 really considering what he thought Garner's efforts as a mother were worth, from his piggy bank's perspective. On Saturday, the Peppermint star took to Instagram to share a photo of a check Sam had written to her from his piggy bank. Now, before I tell you how much he was willing to pay his mother, I think it's important to remember how long it takes to accrue any kind of decent capital in a piggy bank. Those quarters and dimes take a long time to build up.

Still, as Garner explained in the caption, parenting wouldn't exactly be a lucrative gig if Sam was paying the tab. "Apparently, birthing and raising someone is valued at $168.42. I guess I should keep my day job," she captioned a photo of the check on Instagram, adding the hashtags #iwouldbehismamaforfree and #ohwaitialreadyam. Also, please note that he did actually write in the notes that the check was for "being my mama," which obviously makes up for the low cash value.

While it seems young Sam thinks his mother should be paid less than $200 for her services as a parent, I like to think that he came up with this number in the hopes that his two older siblings might split the cost with him. But considering the fact that one of Garner's daughters wrote her a note calling her a "fun-killing mom" back in September, according to E! News, I fear they might not be willing to cough up too much money themselves.

If Jennifer Garner is making less than $200 for being Sam's mother, I shudder to think about how much I would get paid by my kids. After all, she did sleep in a tent with him in their backyard in June and generally gives off the vibe as a truly delighted parent. Perhaps this is one of those questions best left unanswered...