Jeremy Roloff Says Audrey Nearly Ended Their Relationship

It's so easy to look at the marriage of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff and see literal perfection. Between his smiling handsome-ness and her amazing head of curls, plus their super cute baby, what could possibly be wrong? Their lives play out on social media as a romp through apple orchards and sunshine. But the couple apparently want fans to know that this picture of perfection is not their reality. In fact, in a new book Jeremy Roloff opened up about Audrey nearly ending their relationship in the past... because I guess even people with excellent Instagram game have problems too. I'm sorry that I'm relieved.

The former reality stars who fans know best from TLC's Little People, Big World announced on Thursday that they have written a book together, A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully. As Jeremy told People, the couple wrote the book to help couples find their own love story; "We believe everyone has a unique love story and we want people to be super stoked to press into their own love story. We want readers to prepare more for their marriage than their wedding [day]." While the book won't be on shelves until April 2019, the couple wanted to share a few tidbits with fans ahead of time.

Jeremy also noted that social media can "paint facades," and the couple wanted people to read their book to get to know the real people they were behind their public personas.

I think social media can paint facades, so [Audrey and I] hope that people will walk away [from the book] knowing that we aren’t perfect, our [dating] relationship wasn’t perfect. We learned from our struggles and we came out stronger on the other side.

The love story of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff has not been without its bumps along the way. They met when they were set up on a blind date when they were both college students in Portland, Oregon in 2010, according to Good Housekeeping, but it took Jeremy two full years of pursuing Audrey before she would consider dating him. As Audrey wrote on her website:

Jeremy pursued me faithfully and diligently for two years before we started dating. I know, I was stubborn.

Not only did it take Jeremy some time to convince Audrey to date him, he almost lost her at one point. As Jeremy wrote in his book, the couple struggled to deal with their long-distance relationship for three years, according to Cafe Mom:

[Maintaining a long-distance relationship] was really difficult for us. We did it for three years, and in the book we explain how it started, how we survived it. And Audrey almost ended our love story. We tell that story and I got emotional when I reread it. … There are [also] two other really difficult moments outside of [long] distance that were big challenges and learning curves.

Fortunately they persevered, getting married in September 2015 at Roloff Farms, the family pumpkin farm in Hillsboro, Oregon. They welcomed their first child, baby girl Ember Jean Roloff, in September 2017.

Since then, the couple have make a conscious and public effort to prioritize their marriage. In fact, the two have left filming of Little People, Big World and have ventured into working on their own marriage blog, Beating 50 Percent, which alludes to the statistic that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. It's a good thing that Audrey reconsidered ending things with Jeremy during their difficult times. Otherwise we wouldn't have been treated to their super perfect social media feed and marital advice... which would have been a real shame.