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Jess & Luke's 'Gilmore Girls' Photos Give Fans A Sneak Peek At The Upcoming Reunion

It's probably pretty normal to see a picture of coffee mugs at Luke's Diner and burst into grateful tears, yes? Or to quietly hum Carole King's iconic theme song, "Where You Lead" to yourself when you're lonely? I'm sure it's perfectly natural. Just as it was probably fine to sink into a deep depression when the original Gilmore Girls ended. A funk which is only just coming to an end now that Jess and Luke's latest Gilmore Girls photos are making the rounds on social media, and giving us a sneak peek at the reunion we've all been waiting for. Frankly, it couldn't have happened soon enough.

In case you're too busy freaking out about that fact, here's a little rundown of what's been going on lately in Gilmore land, at least for Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) and Luke (Scott Patterson): Jess has been signed on for three out of four "mini-movies" of the Gilmore Girls reboot, which will air on Netflix in the not-near-enough future. That means there could be a possible Jess and Rory wedding for those of you who are Team Jess. (This girl here is very much not Team Jess, but I understand the attraction — thick flowing locks, bad boy pout, misunderstood, yeah we get it.)

Meanwhile, Luke is still schlepping away at his diner, wearing basically the same outfit every day which is okay, because he is also still wearing The Blue Baseball Cap. Remember, the one Lorelai gave him for Christmas in Season 1?

It looks as though the uncle-nephew team of Luke and Jess did some filming together and decided to take an epic selfie with Star's Hollow's own jack-of-all-trades, Kirk in the mix.

While Jess is looking very casual, very "Oh me? I just get out of bed looking handsome," Luke looks to be wearing part of a tuxedo. Which could mean... wedding? Are he and Lorelai finally married? Because this girl right here is very, very much Team Luke. He fixes things, he makes her coffee, and he lets her be herself every day of the week. Embraces it, even. What's not to like (wardrobe notwithstanding)?

I have to tell you, if Lorelai doesn't get a chance to wear that phenomenal wedding dress she bought for June third, the day the real Luke and Lorelai wedding was meant to happen, I'm going to lose my mind.

I wonder if other fans might like to see them get married?

Then there's the question of Jess, Rory's high school flame that was never fully snuffed out. The bad boy with a penchant for book learnin'. The one who seems to understand Rory, who should be running Yale by now if my math is correct, and encourages her to do better (or so the logic seems to go). Will they end up together? The last time we saw Jess, all signs pointed to a resounding "meh — not really." In the words of the man himself, when Rory visited him in Philadelphia for the opening of Truncheon Books, his super hipster book store/publishing house: "It's what it is, you, me." Which felt like goodbye, for most of us.

But perhaps the force of #TeamJess will bring the relationship back to life.

Whichever team you're on — Team Jess, Team Logan, Team Dean, or even (like me) Team Rory on her own — the Gilmore Girls reboot is sure to bring us all back together in Star's Hollow, where we can buy fresh fruit at Doosey's Market, or take dance lessons from Miss Patty, or even visit Sookie, Lorelai, and Michel at the Dragonfly for good food and even better banter.

It really can't happen soon enough.