Jessa Duggar Has Gone Quiet On Instagram, & Fans Are Worried About The Mom Of 3

If you're a fan of TLC's Counting On, chances are you also follow some (or all) of the Duggars on social media. Because let's face it: The show is way behind when it comes to what's currently happening with Michelle and Jim Bob's adult children. Instagram allows fans to keep on top of which couples are courting and who is currently pregnant. And since many of them post often, followers have come to expect a regular dose of Duggar baby/toddler adorableness. Except, it seems Jessa Duggar has gone quiet on Instagram — and fans are worried about the mom of three.

As a refresher, Jessa and Ben Seewald have three children: They have two sons, Spurgeon, 3, Henry, 2, and they welcomed a baby girl named Ivy Jane on May 26, according to People. “She feels so tiny compared to her siblings!” the Seewalds told the publication of their new brand new daughter. “We’re so grateful to God for this precious gift. She is already so loved. Her big brothers adore her!”

For a while, there, Jessa was posting adorable photos of Ivy and her big brothers a few times each week. However, if you take a look at her Instagram, the last time Jessa posted an update was July 10 — when she shared a sweet shot of baby Ivy sucking on a pacifier in her car seat.

As Cheat Sheet reported, Jessa's Instagram followers have definitely noticed her lack of activity — and they seem a little concerned. Some fans even appear to be suffering from cute Duggar kid withdrawal. On Jessa's most recent post, one Instagram user wrote, "Are you going to return to Instagram, Jessa? I miss seeing pics of this cutie and her big brothers!"

Another fan commented, "@jessaseewald We miss seeing updates on your family, Ivy must be keeping you busy..."

Yet another Instagram user wrote, "@jessaseewald We neeeeeed more pics of Ivy!!!!!"

Others wondered if the Counting On star's absence had to do with online trolls — or simply that she's a busy mom. One person commented, "Jessa hasn’t posted here in a month. I don’t blame her. You people are all adults. Agree to disagree. I loved seeing pictures of her beautiful kids."

Another Instagram user wrote, "@jessaseewald haven’t seen or heard much from you lately. Hope you’re ok and not getting too overwhelmed.

It's difficult to speculate why Jessa might be taking a purposeful break from social media. It's worth noting that a lot has happened in her life in recent months. Not long after baby Ivy was born, her grandmother Mary Duggar died unexpectedly, according to Today. Grandma Duggar — as she's commonly referred to in the family's various TLC series — reportedly slipped and fell into a pool at her Springdale, Arkansas home. Jessa wrote a touching tribute to Grandma Duggar via Instagram following her death.

Jessa's younger sister, Joy-Anna Forsyth also suffered a miscarriage 20 weeks into her second pregnancy at the end of June, according to E! News. "Our hearts are breaking over your loss. Such beautiful words you’ve written in your post," Jessa wrote alongside a photo of Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth mourning the loss from a hospital bed. "Annabell will forever be in our hearts. We love you all and are praying for God’s peace and comfort during this time." So I'm sure this devastating loss in the family has also taken a toll on the mom of three.

Perhaps these two losses so close together has caused Jessa to re-evaluate how she spends her time? Or maybe she's simply busy juggling the needs of three little ones ages 3 and under. Whatever the reason for Jessa Duggar's Instagram hiatus, hopefully the mom of three is feeling okay in light of her family's recent life events. One thing's for sure: Her fans will be right there waiting when she decides to return.