Jessa Duggar's Yard During Quarantine Features A Cool Fort Made With A Fitted Sheet

While her family is spending a lot more time at home these days, Jessa Duggar opted to install a backyard play set in an effort to keep her kids entertained. Because they can't head to the playground right now due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Counting On star decided to take some proactive measures.

Jessa is currently quarantining at home with her husband Ben Seewald and their three kids: 4-year-old son Spurgeon, 3-year-old son Henry, and 10-month-old daughter Ivy. As Counting On fans know, Jessa is one of 19 children herself and therefore probably knows a thing or two about how to occupy her kids' time and get them outdoors even if they can't go to the park. With that in mind, Jessa put together a new backyard play set at the end of March for her kids because, as she said in a video on her YouTube channel, if you "can't go to the playground, bring the playground to you."

But this clever mom took things one step further; rather than leaving the dome-shaped climbing apparatus as it stood when she put it together, Jessa decided to make a cool fort for her kids. "The balloon may’ve deflated, but the spirit of adventure sure hasn’t," she captioned a photo of her kids in the fort.

Jessa took a fitted king-sized sheet and stretched it over the whole backyard play set to make "a sort of canopy" and then used the top sheet to create a hammock for the kids inside, as she explained in a video on Instagram.

To personalize their little fort, Henry and Spurgeon made signs with the help of their parents to hang around the outside including one warning that read, "Don't come on this cause there's ants on this jungle gym too." Little Henry also hung his own original artwork featuring his own version of bear-crocodiles.

Jessa has been sharing loads of her family's backyard adventures throughout their time in self-isolation, including some fun times at a water table with little Ivy, who dipped her fingers in for a little taste.

It's not easy for any parent to be sheltering in place with busy little ones right now, but Jessa seems to be making the best of things. Of course, it helps to have a backyard full of fun things like a play set you can turn into a fort at a moment's notice.