Jessa Duggar's House Tour Gives A Realistic Look At Her Life As A Busy Mom — VIDEO

While she stars on a hit reality TV show, Jessa Duggar gave fans a tour of her house, along with her three kids, that showed an unedited and perhaps realistic view of her family life. The Counting On star shared in her YouTube vlog that while she's planning to do "another house tour when it's cleaned up," she also wanted to show her fans what her family's "real life messy house" looks like on a daily basis.

To kick off the house tour, Jessa's oldest son, 4-year-old Spurgeon, led the way and proudly offered insider insight into the way things are run. Jessa and her three kids take viewers on a tour through the kitchen that opens with her "pile of cardboard to go out to recycling," although Spurgeon is more focused on the honey they put in their pancakes and Henry wants to play in the dishwasher while Ivy is drinking out of her brother's cup. "This is the honey," he says in the kitchen. "We put honey, every day in our pancakes."

As they move through the kitchen, where laundry is drying on the chairs from the night before, little 3-year-old Henry gets a little handsy with the dishwasher buttons. "Henry let's not play in the dishwasher," Jessa says.

The tour continues on to show the kids' outdoor toys piled up in the backyard. The Seewalds' Christmas tree is set up in the parents' bedroom in February and the kids are pretty happy to light it back up for the holidays because "it makes everyone feel cozy," according to Jessa.

In the bathroom, Jessa zooms in on the toilet, which has been filled with toilet paper. Apparently a trick of Spurgeon's who admits his actions were "so bad."

Ultimately, Jessa's house tour showed two sides to the same coin. From her perspective as a mom, with a house that is in disarray from young three kids. And a second perspective from Spurgeon, who is so proud of his home where he lives with the people he loves. As the little boy guides viewers through, he is full of information about every room, tidbits about his parents and his brother and sister and his teddy bear who wears a diaper so he "doesn't pee in my bed."