Jessa Duggar Shared A Precious Video Of Her Sons Reciting A Story

by Casey Suglia

Jessa Duggar's two oldest children, sons Spurgeon and Henry, have spent much of their lives in front of cameras filming the family's TLC reality series Counting On, so it's not entirely surprising that they seem to have a knack for entertaining others. Evidence of this popped up on Instagram when Jessa Duggar shared a precious video of her sons reciting a story for her about the birth of Jesus in front of a Christmas tree with so much excitement.

In the adorable video, Spurgeon sits on a little stool and recites a memorized passage to his mom who's recording. The 4-year-old tells it with some fantastic facial expressions and hand movements to go with certain parts of the story. "Spurgeon wanted to try telling us the story of the birth of Jesus all by himself, so he planted himself on a stool and took off," Jessa captioned the video.

His younger brother, 2-year-old Henry, wanted to get in on the fun, too. In the video, little Henry grabs a large pot to sit on and joins his brother in the hand movements. Henry hits all of the major marks while looking at his mom and big brother to guide him through it. "We've been working on this passage for a few months, a little at a time, explaining the story and memorizing verses from Luke 2:1-20," Jessa wrote.

"This is seriously too much," Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff, commented on the video. "Wow. Impressive. Good job mama! Raising them right!" Another added, "I can't handle all the cuteness!!! I love to hear kids explain it. Way to go momma and dad for teaching him." One more fan commented, "Wow!!! They did an awesome job! That's a lot to remember for little ones their age! You should be super proud!"

This video is especially sweet as it's the first time Jessa has shared a video of Henry speaking since she opened up about his speech delay. Last month, Jessa shared on Counting On that Henry has had some difficulty communicating compared to other kids his age and a doctor recommended they see a speech pathologist. "We realize each kid develops at their own pace," she explained.

Who knows, at this rate, Spurgeon and Henry — along with their baby sister Ivy — may have their own reality show entertaining fans beyond Instagram. They are pretty darn cute.