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Jessica & Cody From 'Big Brother' Are Racing Back To TV In A Very Exciting Way

"Jody" fans can rejoice! Jessica and Cody may not have won Big Brother, but their days of starring on reality TV competitions is far from over. Jessica and Cody are competing in The Amazing Race, which means they'll be back on your TV screen very, very soon.

Jessica and Cody are the only pair announced for this season of The Amazing Race thus far, but CBS is doing it up big this year. The starting line will be in New York City and it will be a live event. Fans of the duo (and the show itself) are invited to see them take off at Washington Square Park on Sunday, Oct. 1. The public start will begin at 11:30 a.m. EST.

However, this isn't the first time a Big Brother showmance has crossed over to The Amazing Race. Popular couple Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, who had the first Big Brother baby in April 2016, have competed on The Amazing Race twice and Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder have also competed as well. At the same time, Amazing Race competitors have also crossed over to Big Brother. In Season 17, Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon moved into the BB house. Now it's Jessica and Cody's turn to see if they have what it takes to walk away with $1 million.

It will be a quick turn around for Cody. Although he was evicted right after Jess, he was the first member of the jury and thus was on jury sequester until the finale last week. It was actually Jess who accepted the offer to appear on the show for the both of them, while Cody was still on the show. "Cody was still in jury sequester and we didn't even get anytime to really talk about it," she told The Hollywood Reporter about the call to be on The Amazing Race. Cody, always a man of a few words, simply added, "Just as long as Jess wants to be on it, I'm cool with it."

Although Cody seems to lack the same enthusiasm as his girlfriend, he's still a great physical competitor, which will be an asset on the show. Whether you love them or hate them, one has to admit Cody and Jess make a good team. Sure, they made a lot of mistakes in the house (mainly trusting any of the houseguests), but had Jess trusted her gut and Cody focused on using his strength rather than strategy, they definitely could've gone far. Hopefully, they'll take the lessons they learned from being on Big Brother and use it in The Amazing Race.

In this short time between the end of Big Brother and The Amazing Race, Jessica and Cody have been making the most of their time together. They've been going on double dates with fellow BB19 showmance, Mark and Elena, and took the time to see popular horror flick IT.

While many fans are excited to see more of Jody on TV, others are not all that impressed. Though they definitely gathered an army of fans, so much so that Cody was able to win America's Favorite Houseguest, they still rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Jessica was accused of being racist after calling Alex Pao Pao, a former Big Brother player, who's also Asian. Additionally, Cody was called out after making transphobic comments on the live feeds.

Regardless, that backlash hasn't stopped their success, especially for Jessica, who was able to snag a role on popular soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. The episode she's appearing in will air on Monday, Oct. 2, the day after she begins her amazing race. So it seems Jess and Cody are doing just fine, and even though they didn't walk away with the $500,000 winnings from BB19, they still have a shot at a different grand prize.

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