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Jessica Simpson Responds To Mom-Shamers With The Sweetest Pic Of Baby Birdie

Jessica Simpson is a mom to three children and I am here to tell you that this means she is a bit of an expert. Because her two older kids, 7-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew and 5-year-old son Ace Knute seem happy and healthy and well adjusted and her 1-month-old daughter Birdie Mae also appears to be thriving. But these boring facts never stop the trolls from attacking every decision she makes as a parent. Fortunately, Simpson is also an expert in dealing with this annoying issue. Jessica Simpson responded to mom-shamers with a new picture of baby Birdie, and her caption is honestly class itself.

The clothing designer and her husband, former NFL football player Eric Johnson, welcomed little Birdie Mae on March 19, as Good Morning America noted. They took a little while to release their first picture of their little girl officially, settling initially on sharing a lovely black and white picture of big sister Maxwell holding her baby sister's hand with just the bare essentials of facts like her name, her birth date, and her weight (10 pounds, 13 ounces). A little over one month after Birdie's arrival, however, Simpson was ready to share photos of her new baby girl with her fans on Instagram.

If you're thinking her fans were simply grateful to see a picture of the sweet little baby, I'm worried you have never used the internet before because, unfortunately, this almost never happens here. Simpson had placed little Birdie on her stomach for the picture and she was instantly called out by parents who appeared *concerned* about SIDS, as Upworthy noted, (sudden infant death syndrome, which the CDC has linked to babies sleeping on their stomach and potentially causing suffocation issues). Some of the Instagram comments read:

Beautiful girls beautiful dresses but please BABY BACK ONLY …SAVE YOURSELF THE HEARTBREAK OF SIDS
Remember as a role model to demonstrate safety so others will remember to do what’s safest for their baby as well!

Simpson's mother Tina did reply to the backlash, writing on Instagram as per Women's Health:

We stood over her and placed her in that position for a picture only! Enjoy the preciousness! Happy Easter.

But it seems the singer wanted to address the criticism herself, at the end of the day. On Monday, Simpson shared a picture of Birdie all sprawled out and sleeping... on her back.

Simpson captioned the photo:

I like to pose on my belly, but I love to sleep on my back #BirdieMae

Now, I wouldn't call this a smackdown or a burn or anything like that. I like that Simpson is rather politely correcting people's assumptions about her parenting. Because getting hit in the mom gene is a tough one, isn't it? No matter who you are, I think having people criticize your parenting is definitely top three most hurtful things out there.

And let's face it; at the end of the day Jessica Simpson has brought three children into this world and seems to have things well figured out as a mom. Every once in a while, do you think we could maybe give her the benefit of the doubt?