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Jessica Simpson Is Proud To Share This Adorable Trait With Baby Birdie

Baby Birdie is Jessica Simpson's third (and very possibly last) kid, so you can bet your bottom dollar she's enjoying every minute of the baby phase again. And that includes spending lots of time with her little one and learning everything there is to know about her new BFF. As in, did you know Jessica Simpson's daughter Birdie shares this trait with her mom? It's subtle and easy to miss, but you won't be able to stop smiling once you notice it.

In a new Instagram post shared Wednesday, Simpson poses for an adorable black-and-white shot with Birdie, who is about to turn 7 months. Both clad in sweatshirts and sporting adorable matching grins, you might catch a glimpse of their shared trait: dimples. And this sweet details explains why the two are such twins, a fact that's definitely on Simpson's radar. "My dimple double #BIRDIEMAE," Simpson captioned the post, which tickled the fancy of commenters, including Snooki and January Jones.

To be honest, I'm not surprised by the all of the oohs and awws or comments discussing how "precious" and "beautiful" the shot is. I mean, there are cute mamas and babies, and then there's this. It might be the way the shot is taken, or maybe it's the sheer joy you can see in Simpson's and Birdie's eyes from being together.

"We just get each other," Simpson previously posted about the relationship she shares with her youngest, who was born March 19 of this year, joining sister Maxwell Drew and brother Ace Knute, her kids with husband Eric Johnson, according to ABC News.

But just because there's a lot of cuteness to go around, it doesn't mean Simpson isn't having a difficult time adjusting to three kiddos. "Three is challenging. We are trying to get into the groove and make sure all three kids are getting equal attention … it’s more than a full-time job right now,” Simpson told People in April, when Birdie was still in the newborn phase. “The other night, all three kids were crying at the same time, so I just joined in! Ha!”

Quotes like that show though that, while demanding, having another baby didn't take away her famous sense of humor. If anything, it's quite the opposite. "I’m starting to think we should add breast milk to the Jessica Simpson Collection," Simpson posted in May, obviously in reference to the demands of nursing around the clock. Ha!

Just as her recent update shows, sometimes when you have experience with something (in this case parenting) it's more fun because you stop sweating the small stuff. She and Johnson have been “definitely more relaxed” with baby no. 3, for example, according to People, and I think that's what shows in photos like this one. She's just soaking it all up.

And although I don't know Simpson, but maybe one of the reasons she is having so much fun with this baby is because Birdie is her last hurrah in the newborn department.

How can I assume that? Well, the star was very clear back in 2017, when she told Ellen DeGeneres, she had "two beautiful children, and [she's] not having a third." Wow, talk about a change of heart, right?

My suspicion is that the more she thought about it, she realized that if she wanted the chance to grow her family, it was kind of now or never... and she just couldn't take the chance on "never." So here's Birdie, her adorable mini-me, dimples and all.