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Jessica Simpson Was Every Emotional Mom After Her 5-Year-Old Son Got A Haircut

Jessica Simpson is going through a lot of changes at the moment. Not only is she about to welcome her third child into the world, but her other two kids, 6-year-old Maxwell and 5-year-old Ace, are growing up at warp speed. In light of all of these changes, it's no wonder why Jessica Simpson's reaction to Ace cutting his hair is pretty emotional.

Having another child can be a mixed bag of emotions. Although you're excited to bring another life into the world, it also means that your baby won't exactly be your baby anymore. It's sometimes a tricky balance, a sentiment Simpson probably knows all too well now that her second baby girl is set to arrive in early 2019.

Possibly feeling sentimental during this time, Simpson took to Instagram Wednesday to lament Ace cutting his hair short. Prior to the cut, Ace rocked chin length blonde hair.

Of course, it's completely natural for kiddos to change their style over time, even if this phase might be tough for parents. Just ask Simpson, who said Ace's haircut "broke" her heart "a little."

"He really wanted short hair," Simpson captioned an adorable shot of Ace sporting his new do on Instagram. "It broke my heart a little, but we did it!! My little man #ACEKNUTE."

Pretty relatable, right? I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a parent who didn't shed a tear or two after cutting their kid's hair short. Short cuts tend to have a more grown-up look, after all.

Following Simpson's bittersweet post, many parents empathized with her situation.

"I get it Mama," one person commented. "Mine made it to 8 and then Daddy took him to get a haircut. :-(."

Someone else added: "I’m dreading the day my boy will request that! He’s super handsome either way."

"So cute! My son is 4.5 and keeps saying he wants short hair like his brother's," another fan chimed in. "I just can’t do it yet."

A person wrote: "I did this for my five year old son this year. He had the most gorgeous blonde curly hair past his shoulders. He’s still so handsome but I miss that head of hair!!"

Although it's difficult for Simpson to let go of certain things, it doesn't mean she can't enjoy watching her kids grow up.

“The most rewarding part of being a mother is really just watching my kids grow,” she told Entertainment Tonight in May. “It's like, how much knowledge they have about life is just so meaningful to me, and how much heart they put into everything they do. There's just nothing like the innocence of a child."

Not to mention, Simpson gets to relive the entire baby phase when her second daughter arrives. "We are all so excited,” she said about her little one-to-be, according to People.

Translation: Simpson has plenty of milestones to enjoy over the coming years. There's nothing like a new baby to ease the pain of chopping off your little guy's hair, right?

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