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Jessica Simpson Takes Down A Troll For Calling Out Her "Nip Slip"

Sometimes I think about some of my pictures squirreled away in a sad plastic bin under my bed and I think about what would happen if they were on social media. All of the bad hair choices, the wardrobe malfunctions, the weird double chin pictures... if people saw them it would be mortifying. At least I don't have millions of followers who would see said photos if they did crop up.. not like Jessica Simpson. That woman can't post a single thing without getting called out, and the latest is extra ridiculous. Jessica Simpson's response to someone pointing out her "nip slip" in an Instagram post is as hilarious as usual. Because she's become a professional first responder to ever social media troll who comes after her.

The clothing designer took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a picture of herself with her youngest child, 5-month-old daughter Birdie Johnson. I can sort of picture the setting; the two older kids Simpson shares with former NFL player husband Eric Johnson, 7-year-old daughter Maxwell and 6-year-old son Ace, were probably off at school after a summer spent at home. She finally has a little freedom and space to enjoy some one-on-one time with baby Birdie, cuddling up and hanging out. So she takes a picture looking all natural and relaxed and captions it: "My little labor of love this year #BIRDIEMAE." Cute, right?

Well, cute until the trolls come out of their caves, at least. Despite the fact that pretty much everyone else decided to take the day off from mom shaming and just made comments on Simpson's Instagram wall about how cute she and her little girl looked together, one social media stepped up to the pointless plate. They called Simpson out for having an apparent #nipslip, but don't worry the singer wasn't going to let it slide. She responded by saying she was "flattered" by the user's assumption:

I think it’s flattering that you think my nipple is that high up!

Slow claps all around for this response, but most especially from moms who had several kids and saw their own nips slip lower, not out of their shirts.

This isn't the first time Simpson has had to deal with trolls leaving uncomfortable comments on her Instagram feed; certainly every parenting decision she makes is looked at under a particularly unkind microscope to see if she is doing her little ones any harm. She has been called out for letting her daughter Maxwell dye her hair purple, for taking a picture of Birdie sleeping on her belly (it was a pose, everyone, relax), and for a video of her son Ace playing in the pool with his dad, respectively. It got so bad, in fact, that Simpson disabled the comments on her Instagram feed in August, presumably because she needed a break from all the negativity.

Now that she is allowing comments again, the negativity is back but Simpson seems to have a handle on it. She shut down that person who tried to say she had a nip slip with class and humor. Because she has a long history of dealing with negativity, unfortunately.