Jill Duggar's Newest Instagram Post Is A Hilarious Take On Monthly Baby Updates

by Casey Suglia

It's no surprise that the Duggar siblings' social media accounts revolve around their own children, especially since fans love keeping up with the many members of the family. For example, take Jill Duggar: After giving birth to her second son, Samuel, last year, Duggar has been continually updating her fans on Instagram about her son's progress and growth. And Duggar's newest Instagram post is a hilarious take on those monthly baby updates.

Monthly baby updates are the one Instagram trend that a lot of people (especially new moms) can get behind. They not only shows followers how much their baby has grown from month to month, but is a sweet keepsake for moms to look back on once their baby is older. And Duggar's followers love seeing the monthly updates, especially since they no longer get to follow along with her or her kid's lives on TLC's Counting On.

But when it came time to update fans on her youngest son, Samuel Scott, and his progress at 11 months, Duggar decided to have a little fun with it. Instead of just updating fans on Samuel's progress, Duggar's oldest son, Israel, and her husband decided to get in on the fun. Seriously, who said that monthly update photos had to stop after a baby turned 12 months old?

In the photos following Samuel's update, both Israel and Dillard got to hold pieces of paper to let their fans know how far along they are, before finally coming together in the final five shots to show their full progress as a family (minus Duggar). By the way Samuel is touching his dad's face in those last pictures, he doesn't seem too happy that his dad decided to steal his spotlight, but I'm sure he'll give him a pass — especially since the photos involving all three boys are super cute.

The results really are priceless — the boys could not look any more excited to be a part of the photoshoot. And fans seemed just as happy that Duggar was there to provide them with this update on the whole family's progress. "Looks like the boys had fun together!," one commenter wrote. "Too funny!," another commenter added. But fans were particularly happy to be let in on this joyous moment in the Dillard's lives. "Good to see y'all enjoying life," one commenter concluded.

This update is just part of the many monthly updates of Samuel that Duggar has shared to her account over the past year. And it's hard to believe that it has almost been one year since Duggar gave birth to Samuel on July 8, 2017, according to People. "After 40 hours of labor, he was delivered via C-section at the hospital," the family told People in a statement last year. "Thank you for your continued prayers and support!"

While Duggar has received a lot of support from her fans and followers over the year, she has also faced some backlash, too. In the last 11 months since giving birth to her second son, Duggar has faced criticism from her fans and followers for the recipes she makes for her family, according to In Touch Weekly, as well as the way her son was strapped in his car seat. But considering how long Duggar has been on TV, it's clear that she is used to the criticism by now, which is why these happy family updates of Samuel are a much needed and welcome break from the hate that she has received.

Although Samuel might be turning 1 year old next month, Duggar's most recent Instagram post shows that people can never be too old for a monthly progress shot. This should really be the start of a new Instagram trend.