Jill Duggar's Photos Of Her Kids Sam & Israel Prove She's Totally In Love With Her Boys

There was a time in the world of the Duggar family when Jinger was considered the rogue sister. She wore pants, moved to Texas, waited a year after getting married before having a baby... a veritable wild child. But lately, it seems there might be a new contender for the crown: Jill (Duggar) Dillard. TLC's Counting On star and mother of two can't seem to go a day or two without catching a whooping pile of flak from her critics, but she just keeps on smiling and living her life. In fact, judging by Jill Dillard's photos of her kids, Samuel and Israel, shared on her Instagram, she's really focused on soaking up her time with her sons.

Jill and her husband Derick Dillard are busy these days raising their two sons, 3-year-old Israel and 11-month-old Samuel, and have recently gotten swept up in controversy. Derick was at the center of his fair share of trouble when he tweeted some upsetting comments about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings (who is transgender) last year. He has since parted ways with the reality show Counting On, according to a statement from TLC shared on the network's Twitter page.

Since then, the Dillards have faced frequent criticism on social media about how they are raising their children and the sort of careers they have chosen. Jill Dillard is a midwife (she entered a distance education program to get her certified professional midwifery training certification, which she completed in March, according to In Touch Weekly) , and Derick Dillard works as a missionary, as CafeMom reported.

Despite all of the criticism and backlash surrounding them, Jill seems to take each blow with a smile on Instagram. Perhaps because she really is just that happy to be a mom, as these photos seem to prove.

Snack Time

Last Friday, Jill posted a picture of Samuel in his high chair and Israel eating popcorn out of a baggie. She also posted pics in that same series on Instagram of some eggs and some turkey bacon. While there might have been some people who were concerned about the kids eating popcorn with their breakfasts, I think if most moms were being honest, they might admit they'd done something similar at one time or another.

Plus there was turkey bacon so we're good here, right?

Rocking The Vote

On May 22, Jill brought the two kids out to give to vote, as she wrote in this caption on Instagram:

We just voted! Teaching ‘em young the privilege of letting your voice be heard...and took both boys with me since Derick was at work. lol

Whatever you might or might not think about Jill, can we all just agree that she's a brave woman to take two children to the voting booth on her own Impressive.

Mother's Day In Bed

Jill didn't seem too interested in getting any more for Mother's Day than some time in bed snuggling with her sons, as she wrote on Instagram:

As the boys piled in with us this morning, I just thought again about what a blessing our little fellas are.

Soaking Up The Sun

The proud mom shared this pic of Israel relaxing in a hammock back in April and wrote that he was "soaking up the sunshine."

Those Cheeks

Finally, this picture of little Samuel's amazing, chubby cheeks speaks for itself. As does the smile on his mother's face.

At the end of the day, you don't have to like Jill Dillard or even pay any attention to her either way. But I think it's safe to say she loves her kids, and she's doing the best she can with the tools she has. So perhaps everyone can just take a chill pill and enjoy the pictures she shares of her very cute kids.