Jimmy Fallon's Daughters Were So Adorably Eager To Surprise Their Mom On Her Birthday

There's a whole lot of chatter about quarantine birthdays for kids on social media, but what about moms? Well, Jimmy Fallon surprised his wife Nancy on her birthday, along with their little girls holding an adorable cake and handmade cards, so it was obviously a hit.

The Tonight Show host and his two daughters, 6-year-old Winnie and 5-year-old Franny, decided to make Monday, May 18, a particularly special day for his wife of 13 years, producer Nancy Juvonen. It was her birthday, and of course with most of the country shut down due to the ongoing pandemic, the family had limited options for celebrating. So they decided to surprise her with a birthday cake and homemade cards (every mom's favorite, of course).

The proud dad captured the big surprise on video and truly, it was so sweet. Particularly how excited both his daughters seemed to be that they were celebrating their mom and surprising her. Their dad bought a Carvel Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake for Juvonen, and as the two girls brought her into the room singing "Happy Birthday" to her she was clearly moved.

I mean, the girls did try to blow out most of her candles but don't worry, she "got one in" so her birthday wish should still come true.

The surprises didn't stop there for Juvoven. She also received a gift box of Graber olives from her father-in-law, which she seemed to be pretty excited about. But the gift she was the most excited about? The gift that left her unable to do homeschooling for her daughters for the day? A special birthday video message from Johnny Bananas from MTV's The Challenge. Apparently her favorite personality from the show.

Juvoven has been wearing a whole lot of different hats in her home throughout the pandemic, as Fallon explained in an interview with People in early May. Beyond trying to homeschool her daughters she is also “the brains behind this whole thing," apparently, meaning the new format of The Tonight Show at home. "She’s the production scout, the producer, the lighting person, the editor, the director. I could not do any of this without my wife. She is everything.”

Jimmy Fallon's surprise birthday for his wife with his daughters wasn't just sweet, it was also important. Important for the girls to take a moment to acknowledge their mom. Important for them to see their dad honor her and tell her how much he loves her. It was kind of the perfect birthday, quarantine or not.