Photos From Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo's Surprise Baby Shower Are Super Sweet

The Duggar family just keeps on growing. Between all the recent marriages and pregnancies in the family, it always seems as if they're growing by one more — and fans can't get enough of it. Jinger Duggar is the most recent Duggar sibling to get pregnant and people are dying to know more about her pregnancy. And for those diehard Duggar fans, they'll love seeing photos from the surprise baby shower held for Duggar and Vuolo, because it looks like it was a really sweet, small bash to celebrate their baby-to-be.

When Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo first announced that she was pregnant all the way back in January, fans were pretty excited about the news. And in the weeks since, Duggar has kept them up to speed with her pregnancy progress. Not only has she been super generous in sharing bump update photos, but she has also let fans be there every single step of the way.

After letting fans know that they're expecting a girl (huge news), Duggar and Vuolo also let fans get a glimpse of their very first baby shower on Instagram. In the photo, Duggar and Vuolo are seen opening up presents sitting in front of a flower made out of a balloon. Together they could not be any happier to be showered by friends. "My dear friends Juan and Margarita surprised me last night with a celebration for our little girl," Duggar captioned the photo. "We felt so honored, cared for, and loved by our friends and family!"

Based on a post to the couple's website, Jeremyandjinger.com, it could be possible that their baby shower also functioned as the reveal party for their baby's sex, too. Because there is no better way to celebrate the life of the baby and also tell your friends what you're expecting than by doing it at the same time. Vuolo shared just a few details about their shower on their website, writing in a post on Monday:

The shower was an amazing time of celebrating our new arrival with loved ones. Our friends, Juan and Margarita, were so generous to organize and host the shower and we were overwhelmed by the kindness and thoughtful generosity of everyone.

Unfortunately, photos from the baby shower are limited and fans only have Duggar and Vuolo's Instagram posts to get a good look into what might have gone on at the baby shower. It is unclear if any games were played, what kind of food they dined on, and which Duggar family members showed up to their shower to celebrate the couple and their upcoming arrival.

Judging from Vuolo's Instagram, the shower was a little bit of a semi-formal event. In Vuolo's photo, he wears a suit jacket while Duggar wore a black lace dress with a pink floral sash (as a nod to her baby's sex). Their expressions look a little shocked, but it's unclear exactly what they're looking at in the photo (fans can only hope that Counting On cameras were there to capture it all).

But other than that, there is not much else that fans know about the shower, other than the fact that it was likely held in Texas where the couple lives, if it was thrown for them by their friends. While Duggar's home state of Arkansas isn't too far away from their home in Laredo, Texas it isn't necessarily in her family's backyard. Therefore, it isn't exactly clear if any of Duggar's many siblings or even her parents were in attendance (it appears that her older sister, Jill Duggar, was in Colorado with her family over the weekend and not in Texas).

But given their sex reveal announcement video, Vuolo revealed that both of their parents were on hand to find out the baby's sex — so it is possible that Duggar's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, were there for the shower as well. But it also might not be their only shower. Some expectant parents do have two baby showers, according to Babble, especially if their friends and family members live in separate places.

So who knows? Maybe Jinger and Vuolo will get to celebrate their baby's upcoming arrival with family members in Arkansas — and hopefully this time, fans will be able to get a better look at the celebration.

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