Jinger Duggar's 8-Month-Old Daughter Felicity Just Hit A Very Exciting Milestone

If you can't get enough of Jinger Duggar's sweet daughter Felicity, today is your lucky day. That's because the Counting On star has shared an update about the 8-month-old baby girl and, guys, she's crawling her little heart out. Yep, Felicity is on the move. Although the milestone is definitely one to celebrate, it's also a little bittersweet to think about how Jinger's little one is growing up so fast.

It's wild to think about, really, but Felicity is just four months away from her first birthday. The baby, born on July 19, 2018, in San Antonio, Texas, seems to have grown into a little person overnight, a reality Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, know all too well.

"Felicity is 8 months today! She is crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything," Duggar captioned a sweet shot of Felicity on Tuesday.

Vuolo also celebrated Felicity's rapid growth in an Instagram Story from Monday, in which he recorded his daughter crawling over to Duggar. "Come here, baby. Keep going,” Duggar says from her living room couch as Felicity — who is on all fours — makes her way over to her mama, according to Us Weekly.

During one point in Felicity's journey (crawling is hard work when you're a new brand human), she turns back to look at Vuolo who encourages her to keep with it. “Don’t look at me, angel,” he can be heard saying. “You gotta go to mommy.”

Felicity's foray into crawling is just another example of how far she has come in recent months. The little girl is a pro traveler at this point (she has visited multiple states for Vuolo's work commitments) and she has began dabbling in music. Although you shouldn't hold your breath for baby Felicity's debut album anytime soon, she has seemingly has inherited her mother's love for musical instruments.

Most recently, Duggar and Vuolo took Felicity to a local music class in Laredo, Texas. "It's great for kids to have that exposure and to give it a try," Duggar explained in the Counting On clip.

Vuolo also shared a photo of Felicity sitting at a piano, a cute shot which he captioned: "Her mother’s protégé."

Given all of Felicity's recent developments, it's fair some fans are taking to Vuolo and Duggar's respective Instagram accounts to share their awe.

"She's growing so fast," one person commented on a grown-up looking photo of Felicity.

Someone else said: "It’s amazing how fast time goes. I can’t believe Felicity is already 8 months."

"Happy 8 Months sweet Felicity!! My baby boy was born the same day as felicity!" another fan commented. "He’s 8 months today too and is also crawling all over and pulling up on things!!!!!!!!"

It's unclear what the couple has in store for Felicity's first birthday, but I have a feeling they'll honor the occasion with something low-key. Ever since Duggar moved to Laredo, the mom has focused on building her new family with Vuolo. And without her 18 siblings nearby, birthday parties in the Vuolo-Duggar household are likely pretty small.

No matter what Duggar and Vuolo decide on, I hope they share a ton of pictures from Felicity's special day because it's heartwarming to see their little girl grow up. Congrats on crawling, Felicity.