Jinger Duggar's Instagram Cooking Show Will Give You Holiday Baking Inspo

by Casey Suglia

While Jinger Duggar is a staple on TLC's Counting On, it looks like the mom of one is taking on an additional, new role for her fans to follow. As it turns out, Jinger Duggar hosts a cooking show on Instagram, called "Baking with Jinger," during which she shares recipes for some of the Duggar family's favorite recipes.

On Thursday, Dec. 12, Jinger gave her Instagram followers a cooking tutorial for her family's famous yeast rolls recipe on her new segment, "Baking with Jinger." Wearing a festive Christmas tree apron in her kitchen, Jinger walks her fans through each step of the recipe and revealed that "most of the kids request these [rolls] for their birthdays as well."

The yeast roll recipe involves making a basic dough, allowing it to rise, rolling it out, and cutting it into even slices. Although making your own dinner roll dough might sound a little intimidating, Jinger's step-by-step visuals make it look pretty easy — and tasty.

Unfortunately, Jinger's cooking show is only on her Instagram Story for a limited time, unless she posts it to her Instagram highlights. The good new is, however, she posted the typed out instructions to her IG Story, so you can screenshot it to keep for future reference.

Jinger isn't the only one of her family members to have an interest in cooking. Her mom, Michelle Duggar, has posted her family's favorite recipes to the family's blog for years — from her ice cream cake to the same dinner roll recipe that Jinger used in her cooking show (so you know it must be that good). Jinger's older sister, Jill, also frequently posts her own recipes (and some borrowed from her mom) to her own blog.

The Duggar women clearly have so many recipes to share, so hopefully this isn't the last "Baking with Jinger" video she posts on her Instagram account. Who knows, Jinger may have a future in cooking on TV.