If You Weren't Convinced Jinger Duggar ADORES Her Baby Girl, Here's More Proof

Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, may be documenting their experience as new parents on her family's reality show, Counting On, but like most of her married siblings, the couple is also more than happy to keep fans in the loop by posting regularly to social media. Jinger and Jeremy's daughter, Felicity, has been the star of both of their Instagram feeds since she first arrived in July, but just in case there was any doubt, Jinger Duggar's Instagram post about life as a mom makes it pretty clear she's *so* in love with her little girl.

Jinger took to Instagram Thursday to open up about her experience as a new mother, according to In Touch Weekly, and in addition to sharing a ridiculously adorable photo of herself with her daughter, she also wrote a sweet message that perfectly summed up how she was feeling about her 5-month-old baby girl. In her post, Jinger wrote that she loved all the little moments of life with an infant, like when Felicity smiles at her first thing in the morning, or when she "crinkles her nose when she laughs." But the devout Christian also wrote that becoming a mother had also allowed her to express her faith in a new way, and wrote: s

Motherhood is ... a unique gift that allows me to demonstrate toward my daughter the love that God has graciously demonstrated toward me. It’s a profound gift that reveals the heart of God in a way I had never imagined. It’s a weighty gift that places upon my shoulders the nurture of this tiny soul. Motherhood is a gift for which I thank God every day.

While Jinger may not often turn to social media to share serious thoughts and emotions, it's not at all surprising she feels the way she does. Even a cursory glance at the couple's Instagram accounts, for example, shows post after post of adorable family time, and it seems like Felicity is having a blast growing up with her loving parents. Between spending time with her grandparents over Thanksgiving, hanging with her (many) aunts, uncles and cousins in Arkansas, or catching a Cubs game during a trip to Chicago, Felicity already seems to have quite the exciting social calendar.

And it definitely doesn't hurt that she's completely adorable: though the couple has had to field snarky comments from followers from time-to-time, their feeds are full of photos of Felicity dressed in stylish outfits, bows, and head wraps, and looking super happy as she snuggles in with mom and dad, or just posing with some numbered blocks to show off how quickly she's growing.

As much as Jinger is clearly trying to soak in every moment with her little girl, she's not the only one who has raved about how great it is to Felicity around.

On Dec. 5, Jeremy shared a sweet snap to his own Instagram feed showing Felicity sitting on his lap as he worked, and captioned the pic, "I love being a dad." And in August, the smitten papa shared a photo of himself holding his baby girl, and wrote, "I could stare at her for hours! sometimes I do."

In other words? Life at the Vuolo household pretty much seems like one giant love-fest these days. And while that's not exactly surprising — the Duggars definitely seem to be one major baby-loving fam — it's pretty lovely for fans, many of whom have watched Jinger grow from living at home with Jim Bob and Michelle to moving to Texas and settling down with a family of her own. And even though it took a bit longer for the couple to become parents (by Duggar standards, at least!), it certainly seems like little Felicity was more than worth the wait.

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