Jinger Duggar's New Instagram Pics Of Baby Felicity Are *Too* Precious

When Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, welcomed their first child, Felicity, into the world at the end of July, fans of hers were super happy. Loyal watchers of Duggar's family's reality shows — TLC's 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On — had watched Duggar practically grow up on camera. So, now that Duggar is a mom, it's been pretty exciting to say the least. If fans weren't already obsessed with this new chapter in her life, then Jinger Duggar's new photos of baby Felicity will pretty much solidify this. Seriously, this baby is cute.

It is very hard to believe that Felicity is turning one month old on Monday, Aug. 19. It really does seem like only a few days ago when the couple released a statement on July 19, announcing that Duggar had given birth, according to E! News. "We are very thankful for her safe arrival and look forward to life as parents!," Duggar and Vuolo wrote at the time.

Both of those things are very clear one month later. Fans were able to tune in to see Felicity's safe arrival on TLC's website, where Duggar's birthing special was posted just days after she gave birth, according to People. And it's very clear, through Duggar's new Instagram photos, that she and her husband are loving life as parents.

On Friday and Saturday, Duggar shared two new photos of Felicity that would make anyone's heart melt. Seriously, the baby could not be any more adorable.

In the photo, posted to Duggar's Instagram account on Saturday afternoon, Felicity looks straight into her mom's camera, wearing the prettiest floral onesie, matching hat, and white mittens. Her rosy cheeks and adoring expression on her face is one of pure love — and it is clearly reciprocated by Duggar. "Bliss," Duggar wrote in the caption of the photo.

Fans couldn't help but to share their thoughts about this new photo in the comment section of Duggar's post. "She's so precious!," one commenter wrote.

"Has got to be the cutest baby," another commenter added.

"She looks like Jinger!," another fan stated.

Fans can't argue with the fact that Felicity is pretty precious — and this is clearly evidenced in Jinger's Instagram post with Felicity on Friday. In the photo, Felicity can be seen with her eyes closed, sleeping soundly on Duggar's chest, while Duggar looked ahead. "Snuggle time," Duggar captioned the photo.

Although both mom and baby look pretty content in the picture, fans seemed to think that something was awry, based on Duggar's serious expression in the photo. "You look tired, mama," one commenter wrote.

"You don't look very happy," another commenter added.

"You look exhausted," a commenter observed. "It gets better."

But these are all just observations and a lot of these comments are based on speculation. Duggar never stated in the photo's caption that she was unhappy or sleep deprived — and this serious expression on her face in the photo could have been only for a brief second. People really have no idea what is going on in Duggar's life, other than the fact that she has stated time and time again that she is so happy to be a mom, according to Us Weekly. Because of this, it really isn't fair for fans to speculate.

On the other hand, some commenters thought that this photo was an honest look at what moms go through. "This looks like an honest representation of the first month of motherhood," one commenter wrote. "I appreciate that. The first several months are hard. The lack of sleep is a difficult thing to go through while taking care of a newborn."

But Vuolo has been more than honest with fans about the lack of sleep he had been having because of his newborn daughter, according to CafeMom. In a super hilarious Instagram post, just days after Felicity was born, Vuolo revealed that he hadn't been getting much sleep and that coffee had been absolutely necessary to get him through his days.

Being honest is one thing that Duggar has done a lot of recently. Throughout her whole pregnancy and life as a new mom, Duggar has been more than willing to share her feelings and progress with her fans. I mean, she had her first labor and delivery filmed for TV cameras for goodness sake. Both of these new Instagram photos are no different from that.

Duggar seems super happy to be a mom and Felicity is super adorable — so she should definitely keep the Instagram posts coming.