Jinger Duggar's Tribute For Felicity's 1st Birthday Shows How Much She's Grown

The first year of a child's life is filled with, sleepless nights, celebrating countless milestones, and a lot of hard work. I've always said a child's first birthday is really for the parents. It's like, "Whew, we made it! We survived." But as exhausted as you are, it's mind-boggling how quickly it goes by. Wasn't it just yesterday that you were bringing home this tiny bundle from the hospital? And now your little one is toddling, saying "mama," and is this whole person. Well, like plenty of parents before her, Jinger Duggar's tribute for Felicity's first birthday is a sweet look back at her early days.

As In Touch Weekly reported, Jinger took to Instagram on Friday, July 19 to share a shoutout to her baby girl on her first birthday. "One year ago today, at 4:37am, we welcomed our little Felicity Nicole Vuolo into the world," the proud mama wrote. "She has been nothing but a joy, and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for this precious one. Our prayer is that Felicity will love and serve Christ supremely all her days. Happy Birthday, sweet girl We love you very much!" The post also included a carousel of photos from her daughter's newborn days. And they're absolutely delicious.

Take a look for yourself!

Michelle Duggar wrote, "Happy birthday, Felicity!! You are a treasure!"

Lauren Duggar wrote, "Can’t believe she is already one!"

Anna Duggar commented, "Felicity is such a doll!"

Jill Dillard wrote, "Aww! Happy b’day my little cutie!"

Jinger's husband, Jeremey Vuolo, also shared a birthday tribute to their daughter. "One year ago, this little munchkin was born," he wrote. "Every day has been a journey of discovery — us discovering her as she curiously discovers her world. We are so blessed to wake up to this smiling face every day."

During Felicity's birthday week, both Jinger and Jeremy shared multiple posts showing the fun activities and presents her daughter had been enjoying. Like the fact that her grandma and grandpa Vuolo were in town to visit the birthday girl.

Felicity also received a stuffed bunny from her aunt Anna as a present. (Did she make that? How cute!)

Meanwhile, Jeremy Vuolo shared a video of everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Felicity before she enjoyed a cupcake, according to Inquisitr. "Her first Birthday song and cupcake. Look at that smile," Jeremy wrote.

It looks like the birthday girl had the opportunity to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, too. "Felicity LOVES animals. So, we took her to @aquariumpacificto celebrate her first birthday yesterday!" Jinger captioned a photo of Jeremy looking at a sea lion with Felicity. (If you remember, the Vuolos recently relocated to Los Angeles, as People reported.)

Another post featured Felicity peering inside a tank with her hands pressed to the glass. Jinger fittingly captioned it with, “Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo...Daddy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo, Daddy shark.”

As you can see, Felicity's first birthday — and the days leading up to it — were filled with making memories with family. Although Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo were busy celebrating this milestone, they also took time to reflect on how much she's grown and changed over the past year. And one thing is abundantly clear: Felicity has brought so much joy to their lives.