Joanna Gaines' Birthday Was All About Getting Spoiled By Her Kids

I want to admit to you now that sometimes it's possible I might struggle with jealousy issues and okay sometimes those issues are aimed square at Joanna Gaines. I still love her to pieces obviously but also, come on now. Between her farmhouse and her easy-breezy style and her loving husband and her hair it's difficult not to be just the teensiest bit envious. Oh and please let's not forget her children who are also off the charts amazing. In a recent Instagram post fans got to find out that Joanna Gaines' birthday was all about being spoiled by her kids which is clearly a perk of having five kids. Also clearly a perk of just having your life together like Joanna Gaines, I suppose.

As HGTV Fixer Upper fans are well aware, Joanna Gaines is married to her business partner, Chip Gaines. The couple have five children together; 14-year-old son Drake, 13-year-old daughter Ellie, 12-year-old son Duke, 8-year-old daughter Emmie Kay, and 9-month-old son Crew. Apparently the entire Gaines family (although I suspect Crew didn't pull his weight on account of he's a baby) got together to make Joanna's 41st birthday special this year. Which means fathers and children around the world are probably going to want to up their game moving forward.

On Friday Joanna shared a picture of baby Crew eating in his high chair surrounded by balloons in tasteful shades of white and pale pink, because of course Joanna would have tasteful balloons. She captioned the sweet photo:

Sweet kids surprised me this morning with all my favorites: fresh flowers, hot donuts, breakfast tacos and a pretty color palette ❤️

How adorable is that? Almost as adorable as Chip taking to Twitter before the big surprise to let fans know that he and Crew were bringing Joanna breakfast in bed to celebrate her birthday.

The Gaines kids clearly get their thoughtfulness from their dad, who takes great pleasure out of showing his wife how much he loves her.

This isn't the first time Chip Gaines has used Joanna's birthday as a time to tell her how much she means to him. On her 39th birthday Chip shared a photo of Joanna on Instagram with an incredibly sweet message for his wife:

Jo, you are the best at everything you do. Watching you do your thing is one of my greatest joys.

Joanna has set a lovely example for her kids when it comes to showing love. As she noted in a recent interview in Southern Living, making sure her kids feel loved is hugely important to her:

'What can I do to show my kids that I love them?' Even if it's making a cup of hot cocoa, which takes a few minutes. It's about finding little ways to connect.

And now all of that time and attention is paying off on her birthday with breakfast in bed which includes actual hot donuts.

I'm realizing it's a little unfair to be jealous of Joanna Gaines. She has earned all of her happiness, and who am I to begrudge her on her birthday?