Joanna Gaines Plopped Baby Crew In A Carrot Patch For The Cutest Photo Shoot

Ever since this lifestyle-guru/multitasking-mom announced an entire TV channel built around her decorating style and cool, creative personality, fans have been on the edge of their seats for more news. Well, beyond the news of the cable outlet launching in summer 2020, there aren't many additional details for now. (Sorry...) However, if you love the Fixer Upper family, you'll love Joanna Gaines' new photos of baby Crew in a carrot field to celebrate his first Easter. You're welcome.

Gaines took a moment out for a family day on Sunday, April 21, which was also Easter. Surely, she's very busy planning her new TV venture with hubby and business partner Chip Gaines, with the announcement of their new joint venture with Discovery Networks having just rocked the worlds of fans everywhere. But no matter what, this pair always makes the time for hanging at home with their five adorable kids.

And this Easter holiday proved no different, with new photos posted of baby Crew getting to know the Easter Bunny's favorite veggie at the family's Texas farm, as Gaines shared on her Instagram Story on Sunday. And at least some of their older kids — Emmie Kay, 9, Ella Rose, 12, Duke, 10, and Drake, 14 — were also present to watch Crew play in a carrot patch for what looked like the first time, according to People.

A series of oh-so-adorable photos on Gaines' Instagram Stories from Sunday show Crew and carrots meeting cute for the first time, with the baby — who, according to Country Living, will be 1 in June (already??!!) — clearly not sure at first when encountering nature's bounty.

"I was either going to stick him in a patch of bluebonnets or carrots..." Gaines wrote on Instagram, with the first photo showing Crew looking unsure of the whole situation.

"Really, mom?" and "Wait, this is kinda fun," Gaines captioned the second and third shots, as baby Crew is clearly getting interested in the food.

Finally, little Crew is seen grinning and holding the veggies, obviously converted to healthy living. "Carrots for the win!" the proud mama concluded.

While it's nice to see new photos of the super-edible Crew, you can tell the rest of the family is thriving as well. See, the whole family got in on the carrot fun.

But, of course, beyond family time picking carrots, Joanna and Chip have made it clear they have plans for something special with their venture, which will replace Discovery's DIY network and go well beyond just home renovation, as USA Today reported.

Mentioning topics including wellness, community and relationships, Gaines tweeted at the time of the announcement that "our hope is when you come to our network it feels like home."

Speaking of home, the Gaines' hometown of Waco, Texas, has totally been living its own Cinderella story since the family set its first TV show there, as BuzzFeed News recently reported. Nowadays, tourists come from all over to visit their Magnolia Market at the Silos shopping destination in Downtown Waco, which is kind of the mothership of their brand, according to BuzzFeed News.

And while fans such as Reese Witherspoon have made the pilgrimage there (OK, the actress and fashionista was there to promote her own book, but she and Jo clearly have a liking for each other), you can go no further than your local Target to view at least a fair share of Chip and Joanna Gaines merch. The enterprising duo expanded from their Magnolia Homes line at the superstore to a second venture, Hearth & Hand With Magnolia.

Between following Joanna Gaines on social media, planning a it-may-or-may-not-happen road trip to Waco, stalking the Gaines' display at Target, and salivating over their blog, hopefully it's all enough to tide a fan like me over until next summer. But, TBH, the adorable baby Crew photos will do the trick.