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OK, You Have To See Joanna Gaines' Obscenely Cute Photo Of Baby Crew Playing Poker

There's really nothing like a baby's first Christmas, is there? Or welcoming a new baby into the family in general, to be honest. I mean, the photo opportunities alone are enough to make me want another baby... especially when I saw Joanna Gaines' photo of baby Crew playing poker with a bunch of stuffed animals. Because aren't babies pretty much the best for photo shoots? They can't argue with any weird pics you want to take and in my books that's sort of great.

The former Fixer Upper star and mom of five seems to really be reveling in her newly expanded family this holiday season. Ever since adding a fifth child, Crew Gaines to her brood with husband Chip back on June 21, the new mom has been sharing sweet glimpses of the family's peaceful home life at their Waco, Texas farmhouse.

Pictures of the family (which also includes 8-year-old Emmie Kay, 9-year-old Duke, 11-year-old Ella, and 13-year-old Drake) curled up in bed for movie night, or of Chip napping with 6-month-old baby Crew, or Joanna rocking the little guy to sleep on her front porch with her dog at her feet.

Honestly, Joanna's Instagram has become the most zen place on the internet. And she's not the only member of the family who is making the most out of Crew's baby years for great photo shoots. Apparently her daughter Ella is getting in on the action as well.

As Joanna wrote on this amazing picture of Crew sitting around with a bunch of stuffed animals, ostensibly playing poker (and can we just all admit that Crew's poker face is on point?): "This might be my favorite thing ever. (Photo and everything else by Ella Gaines)."

Talk about a sweet big sister, right?

Fans obviously loved the photo shoot, because how could you not?

"Good job Ella!!! So incredibly adorable!" one fan wrote.

Another said, "How precious! I wonder who won this game? Your son is so precious and he sure has a sweet sister to set this game up!"

"Oh my goodness what a treasure," yet another chimed in.

Joanna recently admitted in a blog post on her Magnolia website that she worried her older kids might struggle with the addition of the new baby. Their Christmas traditions in particular, since Crew's nursery is their old family room where they used to decorate their big family tree.

"Truthfully, I was nervous the kids might be sad that things would look a little different this year," she wrote. "I even asked them if we should combine the two trees into one for next year, but they all said they love it just the way it turned out. I love how Crew has given us all fresh eyes to see the wonder in our yearly traditions."

I think Joanna and Chip Gaines can safely say that their kids are pretty happy with their new baby brother. Maybe there is something to be said for a nice big age difference between the kids to give them a sense of how much they might enjoy having a baby around.

Bare minimum, babies are pretty fun to set up for quirky photo shoots, right?

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