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Joanna Gaines Shares Tips For New Year "Reset" After A Long Holiday Season

The holiday decorations have all been taken down, and while the instant mantle decluttering is nice, your place, suddenly stripped of ribbon and stockings, now looks bare and uninviting. Before you panic (or let it get your down), know that you're in good company. And Joanna Gaines' tips for a 2019 "reset" show that even domestic goddesses need to start fresh in the new year.

As People reported, Gaines has been busy blogging about her own post-Christmas experience in re-examining the decor in her Texas home, now that she can really look at things with a clear eye and a tree-free view.

"When the gifts have been opened, the tree has been taken down and Christmas has passed, I start to crave simplicity and fresh inspiration in my home," Gaines wrote on her blog, Magnolia.

"There’s a moment every year after the decorations have been packed away where the house feels a little bare, but I like to look at this as my opportunity to approach our home with fresh eyes."

Gaines' first step? Get some inspiration in the forms of candles and music; her new "At Home" Spotify playlist is one suggestion for soothing tunes, or you can make your own, full of all the sounds you want to hear when you're cooking, cleaning, or relaxing with family.

Thus prepped, the goddess behind the Magnolia Design empire — along with husband Chip — looks around her place for easy ways to reset her family's environment for a healthy and happy new year, as she explained in her blog post.

"[I] start looking for the places in my home where I can clear clutter, incorporate new colors and add life," Gaines wrote, before sharing recipes for a DIY candle alternatives... a pot of simmering citrus fruits and a lavender linen spray you can actually make yourself.

One of the things I love most about this multitasking mother-of-five (which she wrote about in an essage for Magnolia, as House Beautiful magazine outlined) is that she understands the juggling act parents go through regarding time and money, and the need to pare life down.

"A reset doesn’t mean you have to make any significant purchases," she clarified in her recent post.

It's all about how you look at things. Working with what you have in a new way can make things just as cozy as springing for something brand-new.

"Maybe for you, embracing change looks more like tackling a space you’ve been avoiding in your home, like your hall closet, junk drawer, or pantry," Gaines wrote. "[D]on’t overwhelm yourself by thinking of this as a complete overhaul of your home. Rather, look at this as your opportunity to slow down, reset and embrace the clean slate of a new season."

I love this advice, since it makes the whole idea of freshening up — both your house and your life — seem doable.

The way that Gaines is able to translate her creativity into actionable home projects, and affordable design items is probably why she and Chip have become such a force in recent years; the pair is even considering a deal with the Discovery network for a dedicated Magnolia channel that would mark Joanna and Chip's return to TV, as reported by Deadline.com.

As for Gaines, she recently shared her New Year's resolution to "live for now," as Today reported, and not get so swept up in either past memories or planning for her busy future.

"I want to enjoy the now because it's the only thing we can actually embrace," Gaines wrote in a post on Instagram. "Here's to seeing and finding the beauty, the hope and joy in the right now in 2019. And for goodness sake, let's have some fun while we’re at it!"

Amen to that. Great advice from a fantastic designer and mom. Looking at my mantle, I wonder if she makes house calls?

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