Joanna Gaines' Adorable Video Of Baby Crew Full-On Walking Is A Must-See

It might be a cliché saying, but time flies when you're having fun. Someone who knows this all too well is Joanna Gaines, who, along with husband Chip, has been having a blast expanding her Fixer Upper empire all the while raising the couple's adorable five kids. But if you've had any doubts about how quickly things move in the Gaines household, you might want to check out Joanna Gaines' video of Crew full-on walking. Spoiler alert: It might be the cutest thing you'll see all day.

Crew, who celebrated his first birthday June 24, has been on the verge of walking for weeks now. He took his first steps on July 15, while hanging out with Chip at the family's Magnolia Farms homestead, according to the dad's Instagram Stories.

Although the moment signaled a major development in the little guy's life, Joanna's video shows his first moments really hoofing it for moments on end without any assistance. This is big stuff, people!

In the sweet video, Crew makes it all the way across a ridiculously fabulous room in the house, even stopping to bend down and inspect something on the floor. Mind you, he does all of this without falling. ... "annnnd we have a walker!" Joanna captioned the precious clip.

Oh, and did I mention his adorable outfit? Crew did his thing while clothed in a precious striped tee and classic black shorts.

As for reactions to the video, Joanna's famous friends, like Hilary Swank and Jessica Alba, all showed their support for little Crew, while fans came out in droves to say congrats.

"There is nothing like those chubby little legs!!" one fan wrote, while another combined her interest in the baby with her zeal for Joanna's interior design skills, asking, "Where is that mirror from??? Also you make the cutest kids."

At least all of this confirms I'm not the only one gaga over this family, which also includes Drake, 14, Ella Rose, 13, Duke, 10, and Emmie Kay, 9, according to TODAY. Joanna and Chip are always so refreshingly heartfelt about things, appearing to put incredible focus and care on what's most important to them, like their family and creative projects.

If you're wondering how this Waco, Texas-based fam pulls off all they do in a day, maybe Joanna's attitude has something to do with it.

"He’s my little sidekick,” the designer told People about having another baby at 40. “He comes to work with me every day and goes to all my meetings. There’s literally a sign-up sheet because everyone wants to hold him.”

Joanna's take on work and family is music to my ears, and I'm happy to hear Crew is doing so well. Maybe Joanna's newfound sense of chill lies in knowing she has a ton of helpers waiting in the wings — her adoring older children. And once a baby is mobile, there's a lot to be done around the house, so I have a feeling Crew's big siblings will be quite busy in the coming months.

Knowing this Fixer Upper family, however, I'm not worried about their ability to chase after a growing baby. Toddle on, Crew!