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John Legend's #LoveMeNowStories Will Remind You There's Good In The World


Anger. It's as easy as breathing. Jealousy and hate and fear could be second nature to us all, particularly in the world we are living in now. But love? Love is hard. And so, so worth it. John Legend's #LoveMeNowStories are perfect reminders of what love can overcome. And it's exactly what we all need to read right this very moment.

Legend debuted his new song, "Love Me Now," on Friday, and the accompanying video will give you only the best feels. The video features not only the two loves of Legend's life, wife Chrissy Teigen and sweet little daughter Luna, but images of all different types of love. Legend's lyrics focus on the sometimes temporary nature of love and celebrating whatever time we might have with the people we love:

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Since the song's debut on Friday and Legend's subsequent performance of it at the American Music Awards on Sunday, the singer has taken to Instagram to share stories of love from all over the world with his #LoveMeNowStories.

Since the Nov. 8 election, many protesters who reject the isolationist nature of new President-elect Donald Trump's campaign have sprouted up around the country. While Legend(who endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton) wrote in an Instagram post that his song was not directly related to Trump's presidency, he did use his platform to preach love, tolerance, and kindness.

Now be honest... don't you feel better already, guys?