Paul Hebert/ABC

Jonathan's 'Bachelorette' Status Just Got Stranger

If you almost forgot about Jonathan, the guy whose occupation was listed as "tickle monster" on The Bachelorette, you're not alone. But Jonathan's fake hands on The Bachelorette took his title to a whole new level Monday night, leading fans to wonder where he got them, how he got them, and also how he still managed to woo Rachel with those terrifying props.

If I'm being honest, I didn't even recognize Jonathan until the line under his name mentioned that he's the tickle monster this season, so his fake hands on The Bachelorette Monday night totally made sense. At least, as much sense as can be made when it comes to the tickle monster.

Still, even after those massive fake hands, Rachel brought Jonathan with her on the group date to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (By the way, that's kind of an amazing date to be chosen for.) Even though Jonathan actually tickled Rachel from Day 1 when he came out of the limo in full tickle monster mode, it didn't seem to deter Rachel much because he's still around and making her laugh. Other than the whole tickling gimmick though, it's hard to see what Rachel and Jonathan have in common just yet. He's definitely fun, but whipping out those fake hands on The Bachelorette was almost too much.

Unfortunately, Jonathan's Instagram is private so there's no way to know if he's posted about how he got those big fake hands, but maybe there's a handy (no pun intended) prop truck nearby with enough toys and props to keep the men interesting and just weird enough. Or, Jonathan brought those hands from home, which makes the whole thing even weirder.

In a way, Jonathan bringing out those huge hands was perfect timing, right after all of the DeMario drama had ended for good and in that respect, the move can be seen as kind of cute. But on the other hand (see what I did there?), Jonathan's fake hands added another layer to the weird tickle monster thing that should have been ditched after the first episode, much like Matt's penguin costume.

The most we can do at this point is hope that the whole tickle monster thing dies down so the doctor behind the gimmick can come out and make a legitimate connection with Rachel. Because when it comes to a real relationship, you don't need props to keep things interesting.